Fedde Le Grand hit the house scene in 2006 with the single “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit”.

By Nashia Kamal

While the end of summer marks the end of festivals it also ushers in the beginning of fall concerts and lineups, and October proves to be promising for those looking for great shows in the Philadelphia area. House and dubstep concerts have become a huge hit among the college crowd and this month features two notable shows in particular: Fedde Le Grand and Rusko.

Fedde Le Grand is a Dutch DJ who gained popularity with the 2006 release, “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit”, featuring a catchy beat recognizable by most house fans, but is also well known for more recent hits, such as “So Much Love” and “Autosave”. This year saw the DJ jetting from Budapest to Ibiza to London, but the artist is spending October touring around the U.S., doing shows in New York, Florida and Philadelphia. Fedde Le Grand will be performing at LIT Ultrabar in Philadephia on Thursday, Oct. 25 as a part of his North America Takeover Tour, with Fratello, Johnny V. and David Vaux.  The show starts at 10 P.M. and tickets can be purchased online.

Rusko, an English DJ and producer, is probably best known for the 2010 release, “Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)”, featuring Amber Coffman.  Other popular tracks include “Woo Boost”, “Everyday” and “Somebody to Love”. The latter is from the DJ’s newest album, Songs, which was released in March of this year. Rusko will be performing in Philadelphia’s Starlight Ballroom on Monday, Oct. 29 in the Bass Masquerade Show with Dubsef and Love City DJ’s. The “costume bash” promises to be unforgettable Halloween concert.

The colder weather shifts concerts from outdoors to indoors while summer breezes and bonfires are replaced by lightshows and confetti showers—the fall season offers its own take on fun festivities. The University’s close proximity to Philadelphia means there will never be any shortage of concerts for all musical tastes.


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