By Gabrielle Gesek

Fall Fashion

Oxford shirts paired with oversized sweaters or cable knit cardigans top the list of hot fall fashions.

It’s finally that time of year again: the leaves are changing, the seasons are shifting and those midterm grades are due to send an early Halloween spook.  But there’s one thing that needs extra help with the change—your wardrobe. Put away the Rainbows and tank-tops until next year, and embrace the chill of the season.

It’s all about classic style with bold accessories this fall.  A timeless staple paired with a bold accessory will spice up any outfit.  Emphasis on the waistline is huge this year, so don’t be afraid to throw on a belted swing jacket on your way to class or pair those skinny jeans with a thick leather belt.  While the hot colors—brown, black and white—seem rather drab, they are perfect for pairing with a bright scarf or neon-colored belt. Try soft pastels for evening wear in hues of gold, red and blue and you will not go wrong.

Our campus is certainly not a place lacking in the latest fashion trends, but for those of us who forgot to DVR Fashion Week this year, here are a few tips. Let’s begin with tops. One word says it all: layers. Mix and match tanks and sweaters, get crazy with bold colors. It’s all about taking a risk this season.

For those horrid but increasingly common days when you hear the alarm at 8:15 a.m. for your 8:30 class across campus, don’t just immediately grab the sweatpants buried in the bottom of your laundry basket and throw on an old T-shirt.  Instead, grab a pair of leggings and rock it with an oversized cable-knit sweater and a pair of high boots or moccasins.  It’ll take you less time to zip your boots than dig through the dirty laundry basket.  Oversized sweaters are huge this year and they pair perfectly with any skinny jeans, leggings or, for those who dare, jeggings.

As evidenced by almost every girl walking around campus, colored skinnies are indeed here to stay.  So if you haven’t already joined the Crayola pants nation, pick up a pair at stores such as the Gap and T.J. Maxx.  These pants offer a great splash of color to any dreary day and work great with an oxford button-down layered with a classic cardigan.  Oxfords are perfect for that “put-together look” but yet still have the casual feel.  Make sure to keep the colors in the pastel and soft-hue range. Cute button downs can be found any time of the year at stores like J.Crew, but for a bargain on these timeless pieces, try Forever 21.

For business casual try the silk version of the classic oxford and pair with a black blazer and chic pencil skirt.

Don’t ruin your glam outfit by covering it up with a hooded sweatshirt. Instead, try these simple tricks.  For the in-between period when it’s not quite cold enough to break out the North Face yet, try rummaging through your Dad or Grandpa’s closet and seizing those old cardigans.  Cozy up in cardigans this fall and choose from a variety of colors (navy blue is a great alternative to black) and styles like plain or cable-knit for added detail.

Long cardigans are great to throw on over a pair of leggings and a tee so you don’t have to succumb to committing the egregious crime of wearing shirts higher than the band of your leggings.

As strange as it may sound, the “old man style” is making a comeback all the way down to the toes.

Moccasins, in brands such as Ugg and Minnetonka, are great for that Sunday morning trudge to the Pit for breakfast, but on days when this is not socially acceptable, try out new loafer-style slippers, easily found in stores like Aldo and Steve Madden.  These trendy converts put a spin on the classic loafer.

Daring to be different? Easy: put away the Sperry’s (hard, I know) and put your faith into the newest trend of oxford shoes.  The Dolce Vita oxford, found at DSW, is the perfect pairing for cuffed skinny jeans and comes in fabulous colors like taupe with neon yellow and black with electric blue.  Walk through the Quad in this hot fashion statement and you will be sure to turn heads.

During the night don’t be afraid to keep the bright colors of the day alive. Forget platform heels, and instead flashback to the ’80s and grab a pair of pointed pumps.  These timeless heels are the epitome of class and can dress up any pair of skinny jeans or pants in a flash.  For a bit of fun, try pointed pumps in a bold or neon color or with a pair of black lace stockings.

Stay warm this winter with these hot new trends by ditching the bland and going bold. Focus on that one key item and remember to stick to the classics but always add a pinch of trendy charm to spice up any blustery fall day.


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