By Caroline Goldstein

Staff Reporter

conducted a voter registration drive at the College Hall apartments, better known as “the Courts.”

“This was just a way to get some Villanova students’ feet wet,” Zigo said.

Each volunteer had a list of doors to knock on. The list is comprised of voters who are registered with any of the political parties and who seem to be likely voters or have supported a Democratic candidate in the past.

“Every door knocked is another potential conversation and potential voter,” Zigo said. “The University’s ‘Ignite Change, Go Vote’campaign is a great way to get students who live on campus registered to vote. However, voter registration drives off campus are important, too.”

“I live off campus,” he said. “I don’t go to the Pit where they’re registering people to vote.”

By going door to door, Zigo is hoping to make it as easy as possible for students to register to vote.

“I’m someone who really believes that our right to vote is one of our most important rights,” Zigo said.

Gentry echoed these sentiments.

“This is your responsibility as a young American to take advantage of the most fundamental right you have,” said Gentry.

In an effort to recruit volunteers for Villanova Students Gotta Vote, Zigo reached out to students he knew would be interested in the election and getting involved.  While all of the volunteers at the event were students who are registered as Democrat,  Zigo did not take party affiliation into account when he contacted students.

Zigo has been involved in canvassing events before.  He finds that, generally, a lot of people are not home or do not answer the door. Most people are very polite to the volunteers, even if they are not supporting the same candidate. Out of 50 doors, volunteers generally talked to between 10 and 20 people.

“You get a better response than you think you would,” Zigo said.

In addition to canvassing and voter registration, Gentry would like to see more campaigns on campus such as the University’s Ignite Change, Go Vote campaign.

She said that compared to other college campuses she works at, it seems that there is “not a lot of political engagement and discussion” at the University. Gentry and Zigo both believe that the University has a lot of what they call “persuadables.”

Gentry defines a persuadable as a person who is “not necessarily unregistered [to vote] but someone who is uninformed.”

She said that more initiatives to get students involved are crucial.

“The most important thing is to get students registered and to vote.”


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