By Meg Lappe

October is breast cancer awareness month across the nation and people all over are doing their part to raise awareness. NFL players are wearing pink cleats, socks and gloves for the entirety of the month, while magazines such as Self, More and Shape are including articles about how to detect and prevent breast cancer. Opportunities to donate money and learn more about breast cancer are abundant this month.

The University is also doing its own part in the fight against breast cancer. Two groups on campus, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Villanova Students Against Breast Cancer, will be hosting events during the next two weeks to help raise money and awareness.

Kappa Kappa Gamma’s philanthropy focuses on raising awareness regarding breast cancer, and they are dedicating this week to the cause. From Monday to Thursday, Kappa Kappa Gamma is hosting a fundraiser called “Links for Pink.”

Using paper to make a linking chain, each fraternity and sorority will be competing against each other to see who can build the longest chain. The chains will hang all over Connelly Center. Next to each chain, the fraternities and sororities will hang at least one poster which will demonstrate their commitment to the cause.

“Breast cancer is something that affects everyone in some capacity, and by raising awareness about early detection and the prominence of the disease, we can work together to end this vicious disease,” says Kristin Carey, vice president of philanthropy for Kappa Kappa Gamma.

There will be a table in the Quad from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. all week, where KKG will be passing out informational flyers, selling baked goods and giving away ribbons, Frisbees and more in order to raise awareness. Feel free to stop by the table to learn more.

On Wednesday, Kappa Kappa Gamma is hosting a ladder ball tournament with Alpha Chi Omega that is sponsored by Powerade. Powerade will bring a step and repeat so pictures can be taken at the event. Along with the tournament, there will be an inflatable Twister for teams to play during breaks. The entrance fee is $5 per team.

On Thursday, there will be a breast cancer vigil on the steps of Bartley at 6 p.m. There will be music provided by different a cappella groups on campus, including Nothing but Treble. Jackie Roth, or “Little Rocky” as she is called, is a breast cancer survivor who will be speaking.

Roth was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28, while she was completing her Ph.D. in genetics, specifically researching breast cancer. She is now a cancer survivor and will share her story with the University community.

All the money raised this week will go toward breastcancer.org and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Kappa Kappa Gamma hopes to raise $5,000. To help them reach their goal, they are sending emails to family and friends to asking for help.

Students Against Breast Cancer will also be doing their part to raise money and awareness this October. Next week, the group will be hosting their annual Save Second Base T-shirt sale and an event on breast health and care.

Patricia K. Bradley, Ph.D., an associate professor in the College of Nursing will be speaking on Tuesday, Oct. 30, at 5:30 p.m. in Driscoll 134. She will be discussing the importance of self-examination and explaining how to properly conduct a self-exam in order to check for potential tumors.

“The event on Oct. 30 will be a Breast Health Awareness Presentation: What Every Person Needs to Know About Breast Health,” Bradley says. “The focus will be on breast cancer risk factors, symptoms and early detection options.  We will have breast models with lumps available and other literature from Linda Creed.”

The shirts will be sold Monday, Oct. 29, through Friday, Nov. 2, outside of Connelly.

The money will go toward the Linda Creed Foundation, which is a local Philadelphia organization that helps women to pay for mammograms regardless of their insurance policies.


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