By Sam Marinelli

Staff Reporter

Following Fall Break, the Wildcard Office announced a new change to the Wildcard that really isn’t very new at all—Nova Bucks. In the past few weeks, Director of University Card Systems Kathy Gallagher acknowledged the fact that a change needed to be made in naming the Wildcard Restricted Debit Account which students and parents can deposit money into.

This, as students know, is what was commonly referred to as “putting money on your Wildcard.” What students often don’t know or understand is that the Wildcard itself is like a puzzle with many various pieces.

There are many features that the Wildcard has, including the meal plan option, access to Athletics events and other University events, access to residence halls, a Wells Fargo bank account and, now, Nova Bucks.

“Nova Bucks is just a name that has been placed on the Wildcard Restricted Debit Account,” Gallagher said. This simply means that nothing has changed, but the account is now personalized and is easier to differentiate from the other functions of the Wildcard.

“The only thing I did was rename it,” Gallagher said. Without an official name, the allocation of funds could get confusing for students and parents. Some didn’t know if the new Nova Bucks debit account was the same as the Wells Fargo debit account or had anything to do with Dining Services, both of which are not true.

Nova Bucks are essentially purchased like points and the money deposited into the account cannot be withdrawn until after graduation, similar to dining services points. Essentially, students purchase points through their Nova Bucks account, which makes it different than an actual bank account.

“You don’t have to do anything. Everything you had stays the exact same. I can’t believe it took me this long,” Gallagher said on finally deciding to name the feature of the University’s Wildcard account after so many years.

Going through with the naming process was a very quick one that only took about two weeks. Gallagher contacted the University Communication office and ran the idea of re-naming the restricted debit account by them,

The 80 plus merchants have been notified of the name change and new signs have been placed in every window. The launch of Nova Bucks also prompted the design of a new logo for the account that can now be seen around campus and at the merchant locations.

The Wildcard Office urges students to recognize that nothing about the Wildcard has changed except the name of the debit account.

There are no new features associated with this change, and nothing that students actually need to do, and the card itself is still the Wildcard.




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