By Molly Borgese

Staff Reporter

It is an understatement to say that University students are glued to their social media and communication networks.

This past weekend proved to be no exception when students were excited and a bit alarmed due to the school cancellation.

 Many students of the University community anxiously watched the news, worrying about their family and friends back home in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, but that anxiety was raised after 9 p.m. on Sunday night.

Just about 24 hours after notification of  class cancellation on Saturday, Oct. 28, students received an even more alarming Nova Alert around 10 p.m., stating: “Police are searching for at-large suspect near West Camps. Stay inside residence halls. See email for more.”

In response to this startling report, Public Safety officers patrolled the West Campus halls to ensure the safety of students.

As stated by Director of Public Safety David Tedjeske in the campus wide email, “Public Safety was notified about a police-vehicle chase on I-476 near Lancaster Avenue.” The University received notice of the suspect’s whereabouts, thus prompting immediate safety precautions.

The email continued with, “the suspect has been tracked to the area between Lancaster Avenue, Spring Mill Road, and County Line Road. This area includes the West Campus apartments as well as St. Mary’s.”

After speaking with Radnor Police, it has been reported that a vehicle pursuit occurred Saturday, Oct. 28, 2012 in the Main Line area.

The reported suspect has various aliases and still has not been publically identified; however, police reported the subject committing three burglaries, entering several homes in Radnor Township and stealing a vehicle.

The suspect was reported driving the stolen vehicle, but crashed the car and continued on foot in close proximity to West Campus.

“The suspect was observed by police driving a stolen vehicle on I-476,” said David Tedjeske in an e-mail sent out the night of October 28, 2012. “The suspect is described as a black male 5’10’’ tall, wearing a blue plaid shirt.”

It is still uncertain if the suspect was armed that night, but a weapon was discovered within the stolen vehicle.

At the time, Tedjeske stated, “Police are in the area actively searching for the suspect. Resident students should remain inside until further notice.”

A subsequent message was sent out the following morning giving the “all clear.” Students were notified that the issue had been resolved and the suspect was no longer believed to be on campus.


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