We’re not going to lie–we’re kind of huge newspaper geeks. We’ve played grammar trivia games, have gotten more excited for journalism conferences than for the Friday night of a long weekend and we have definitely had visceral, physical reactions to misspelled words in award-winning publications. We do it because it’s natural to us, it’s fun and it’s something we both sought out upon our arrival to campus. Neither of us wasted any time and were on the editorial staff by the second half of our freshman year. We urge you to do the same with whatever your passion may be.

Whether you’ve already joined a plethora of clubs and organizations here at the University, or if you have never really been passionate about an extra-curricular activity, we assure you that there is something here for you. Kind of like Harry and his wand, sometimes your passions tend to find you before you find them. If so, and it happens to be something you would have never thought in a trillion years you would like, fight the urge to dismiss it as “not your thing.” If you see it through, it may very well lead to a college career filled with more fun than you could have imagined or, better yet, a rewarding career somewhere down the road.

We have made the past 24 issues for you. We weren’t offended if you used them as an umbrella during a flash rainstorm or even if you brought some along on a weekend camping trip for some kindling. As long as it improved your life in one small way or another this past year, we’re happy. Of course we would be most pleased if you had read each issue front to cover ten times over, but we’re not too picky. In fact, no matter what you do with it, from now ’til the end of time, The Villanovan editorial staff will still come through every Thursday morning with a 20-something page newspaper hot off the press. That will always be one of the most rewarding parts of being a member of the almost 100-year tradition that is The Villanovan.

These past four years have provided us with more memories, more laughs and more late, late, late nights in Dougherty 201 than we could ever count, yet we wouldn’t trade them for the world. The friends we have made on editorial staffs past and present have turned into family for us, and we cannot wait to see what the newly-appointed editorial staff for the year 2013 has in store for all of you. We are extremely excited to see their own skills, creativity and passion shine through on every page of every issue for the next year. As always, thank you for your continued encouragement. We couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated readership.

Kendra & Aileen


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