The idea seems solid. When we see a woman who is wearing clothes that draw attention to her breast, hips or butt along with makeup that accentuates the eyes or gives an impression of overall health—white teeth, rosy cheeks, smooth skin, etc.—it is tempting to assume that she is inviting sexual attention from anyone with eyes, especially us.

Guys too often assume that that we know why women dress as they do, but we do not know. This is, in fact, a great mystery, misunderstood by the vast majority of men. If we do not acknowledge our ignorance in this matter, then we are creating a formula for rejection, embarrassment and perhaps worse.
Here is what you can safely assume: How a women dresses is not about a man.
The only way you can know what a woman is thinking is by what she tells you. Too many men have found themselves at the end of the night wondering what happened; everything seemed to be adding up and then, whoosh, it’s gone.

The problem is that guys count clothes and makeup as points in their favor. Guys have to take those factors out of the equation.
If a man does his math wrong by including things that have nothing to do with him, then there will be a moment when he gets his results back and finds that he was wrong about so many things.
This is when embarrassment can turn into shame and even anger. If the numbers do not add up men will blame the woman with names (slut, tease, whore, skank, etc.) and perhaps even more physical forms of punishment. But again, it’s not the woman’s fault if we do the math wrong.


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