Freshmen and sophomores have just completed formal recruitment and many have chosen an established sorority to call their own.
After such a rigorous process, Alpha Gamma Delta is hoping to create a successful ninth chapter on campus.
The Panhellenic Community invited Alpha Gamma Delta to Villanova’s community after following a long application process.
“Alpha Gamma Delta and Villanova University share such similar values that it was a clear fit for the university and for our organization,” says Annie Raeder, the assistant director for Fraternity Services-Extension at the international headquarters for Alpha Gamma Delta.

Three leadership consultants for Alpha Gamma Delta will be on our campus through February, trying to acquaint themselves with women who are interested in becoming Alpha Gams.
“It is our goal to attend campus events, meet with student organizations and get to know student leaders,” Raeder says. There will be information sessions on Feb. 1st, 3rd and 5th.
Alpha Gamma Delta will be a bit different from the already established chapters here on campus. New members will go through this “new member process,” just all together.

“The entire chapter is having a shared new member experience,” Raeder says.
The possibility of leadership roles may be available to younger students earlier since the chapter is new. They will still be participating in most other Greek Life events such as sisterhood retreats, Greek Week and events for the philanthropy, as well as service and socials.
“We will have a phenomenal group of alumnae advisers supporting the chapter and we’ll also have plenty of opportunities for leadership through committees, sisterhood circles and officer positions,” Raeder says.
With an already established Greek system across the country, Alpha Gamma Delta hopes they can continue this vibrant tradition on campus.

“We have already met some incredible women that share many of the values found in our purpose,” Raeder says.
“Our hope is that women join Alpha Gamma Delta because they want to inspire each other to become leaders and make an impact in the ‘Nova community.”
Interested students can attend the information sessions or sign up for an interview slot at goalphagam.com.
There they will be giving updates pertaining to their upcoming events and how interested women can get to know Alpha Gamma Delta and their mission. More information can also be found on the “Alpha Gamma Delta at Villanova University” Facebook page.

“Alpha Gamma Delta will be jumping right into the campus community,” Raeder says. “We are most excited about how well the values of Villanova match with the values of Alpha Gamma Delta. Villanova students and Alpha Gamma Delta members share a desire to impact the community around them.”
Raeder says she is excited about all aspects of the Villanova community, from academic success to creating relationships and truly caring about one another.
“We both prize the pursuit of knowledge to succeed academically and after graduation,” Raeder says. “We look to cultivate relationships and to care for each other.”


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