If you have seen the new show on MTV called “Catfish,” then you have probably heard of the new iPhone application that goes by the name of Tinder.

While “Catfish” is a show about impersonating people online, Tinder takes real individuals and adds mobility to technological dating.

A lot of time in college is dedicated to grades, extra-curricular activities and maybe even a sports team. For the most part, meeting someone romantically is the last thing on a college student’s mind.

Tinder was created with the same intentions as Facebook: to meet and rate people. While Tinder does not neccsarily rate people, it does play the simple “yes” or “no” game.

Young entrepreneurs Sean Rad and Justin Mateen, both 26 years old, created the app. The company recently released a press release this January calling it “the intelligent solution to today’s dating woes.”

The release says the app will not only connect you to people on your campus, but with the people in surrounding areas as well.

“Tinder finds out who likes you nearby and connects you with them if you are interested, eliminating the guesswork,” Rad, CEO, says in the Jan. 2013 press release.

With social media taking hold of today’s society, Tinder is really making it that much more of a presence in our lives.

The dating world can be difficult in the busy lives of college students.

“Online dating and dating in general can be a long and lonely process,” Rad says in the Jan. 2013 release.

The difference between Tinder and “Catfish” is that it seems to be impossible to have a fake profile.

Tinder, released just this January, directly connects to your Facebook and uses interests, location and number of friends in common to match you with people it feels you would be most compatible.

“Once two users ‘like’ each other, they can spark up a conversation and ignite a possible relationship,” Rad says in the Jan. 2013 release.

If you do not like someone’s profile and vice versa, they will not show up again. The users are evaluated based on their social graph, which simulates what meeting someone in real life would be like. Tinder is simple and fast and makes the dating pool seem more approachable.

“Tinder makes it virtually impossible for users to create fake profiles, so no one has to waste another minute sifting through phony users,” Rad says in the Jan. 2013 release.

This eliminates the “Catfish” of the situation and allows college students to freely and safely connect.

In the past two weeks, the user base has doubled, with the highest number of users across the nation being college students.

Tinder helps people to embark on romantic relationships without invading their privacy.

It simply allows college students, and people in general, to more easily break the ice with someone they might have a crush on.

Chief Marketing Officer Mateen says in the Jan. 2013 release, “Tinder is the ultimate wingman, increasing your odds of finding a compatible match while removing the stigma often associated with online dating.”


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