10.) The first day over 60 degress you immeadiately put on a sun-dress and flip flops just to head to class.

9.) You day dream about when Sheehan Beach is full of people in bathing suits “studying.”

8.) All sunny days present a good oppportunity to sit at the Oreo for hours telling everyone to have a great day.

7.) That room in the Quad that has speakers facing outward takes on the responsibilty of DJ-ing your afternoon walk back from class.

6.)All Saturdays from now until finals exist only for the purposes of frolicking in the sun and drinking your favorite beverages.

5.)Constant iced coffee from Holy Grounds and trips to Rita’s in celebration of the melting snow.

4.) Someone almost always suggests sneaking onto the roof of Tolentine to catch some rays.

3.) Making out under the lovely trees in front of the church should be on every ’Nova alums’ bucket list.

2.) Your class wastes the first 10 minutes trying to convince your professor to have lecture outside. Sun is more important than learning.

1.) Three little words everyone longs to hear. ROTC…Spring…Review. What can I say, we all have a thing for uniforms.



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