Lights and electronic fury fueled Alesso’s invigorating performance, much to the student body’s pleasure.

Lights and electronic fury fueled Alesso’s invigorating performance, much to the student body’s pleasure.


By Noelle Mapes
Features Co-Editor

Alesso, a Swedish DJ, headlined the spring concert hosted by CAT on April 12.

As electric dance music sweeps the music industry and becomes one of the more popular dance genres of recent days, the choice to have Alesso as the University spring concert turned out to be a good one.

Because of early ticket sales and students desperate to go in the end, many Villanova Facebook groups blew up with activity the day of the concert with secondary ticket sales from people who were unable to go or otherwise interested in selling their tickets.  The high interest was reflective in the crowds of the night.

In the past the performers have been bands or rappers, with the exception of Girl Talk, a mash-up musician. CAT prepared for the new kind of concert Alesso would provide and equipped the Pavilion accordingly.

They arranged heavy lights for the light show, lined coolers on the sides of the gym and gave out glow-sticks to students to amp up the electric concert.

The concert began with University DJ Swedish Carl, senior Carl Nilsmo.

Unfortunately,    because Nilsmo didn’t have an introduction when he arrived on stage,  some students were confused about the music beforehand and who exactly was playing.

Nilsmo played a brief set that would later continue at 23 East for an after-show, which was better received than his opener for Alesso.

When Alesso came on, the gym became especially packed. If students arrived around 8 p.m., they felt the full force of this.

The security guards and CAT students at the entrances had to wait for certain increments of time to let people in because of the crowd in the Pavilion.

Some students who had bought lower level tickets were asked to go to the upper level because the base floor was filled.

For the students in the crowd on the lower level, the energy built with the number of people surrounding them.

Alesso played an extremely entertaining set, and the only complaint many students had was that it ended too soon.

While the Pavilion was packed with University students, there were also many Temple University and  University of Pennsylvania students in the audience.

Those from other schools were bussed in for the show, but unfortunately the brevity of it forced them to leave the ’Nova area early in the night. Aside from the concert’s early conclusion,  many students had good things to say about it.

Sophomore JD Zanetti was in the front row of the concert.

“I thought it was really good even though it was really  packed,” Zanetti said about the night. “Everyone was enjoying it a lot more than last year’s spring concert from what I heard.”

If electric dance music remains the most popular genre for student concerts, hopefully CAT will be able to get another entertaining EDM expert like Alesso with a fun local DJ like Swedish Carl.

With the Philadelphia feel of the show and the crowds including surrounding universities, the spring concert has the potential to be something even bigger next year, and hopefully a bit longer.


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