The dumpling appetizer is an incredibly flavorful

The dumpling appetizer is an incredibly flavorful



By Lori Vetrano
@ __LibertyBelle
Staff Reporter

Susanna Foo’s is just down the road from the University and is well worth the five-minute trip and ample cash you’ll need to bring.

Though not exactly budget-friendly, this Asian fusion restaurant has earned many impressive culinary awards for a reason: the food is amazing in both display and taste.  The interior is elegantly decorated with modernistic Chinese trappings and low lighting, emphasizing its refinement.

The staff is polite, accommodating and best of all, very fast in both taking orders and bringing them out to the table.

For appetizers, the dumpling sampler is the best way to go, especially with a date or even a group of people, allowing everyone to taste the variety—pork, lamb, vegetable, shrimp and wild mushroom-chicken.

They are on the smaller side, not nearly as greasy or heavy as their cheap takeout counterparts and are so flavorful it is difficult to truly distinguish meat, fish or vegetable.

Susanna Foo’s also offers other appetizers such as ribs, spring rolls and calamari. The calamari is perfectly fried and has the right amount of chewiness, with enough flavor to keep your tastebuds satisfied even without the added sauce (but that wouldn’t be any fun).

The maki is definitely not to be missed as either appetizer or side dish; the sushi is fresh and the perfect size, especially for sharing.  The spicy ahi tuna with avocado maki has just the right amount of spice that does not override its delicious flavor.

Every single dinner entrée brought to the table was simply amazing.  The Pad Thai, with a deceivingly small appearance, seemed to never end—which was fine with us since it was the best Pad Thai we ever had.

The honey walnut chicken had a distinct taste of pineapple, ginger glaze and walnut that completely enhanced the meat.

The grilled wild salmon was on the more simple side, but was still fresh, flavorful and satisfying.

However, make sure you save room for dessert, even if it means leaving half of your delicious entrée to be put in a box for home. The treats are a perfect end to a perfect meal.  If you’re sharing, go for the chocolate sampler—each piece of chocolate pastry is better than the last.

The banana chocolate tart is an incredible combination of crunchy, banana-filled, sweet goodness.

The coconut crème brulee is a unique twist on the classic French dessert.  And if you’re lucky enough like I was and it happens to be your birthday, splurge on the delicious, aesthetically pleasing chocolate cake—it might be the best birthday cake you’ve ever had.

Susanna Foo’s is an absolute gem on the Main Line, and a Best of Philly winner for obvious reasons. It is the go-to place for special occasions or even just a splurge on truly good food.

Be sure to make your way over here, especially since you have no excuses—it’s right down the road, waiting to serve you its spectacular cuisine.


The banana chocolate tart is a delicious combination of sweet, crunchy,w banana goodness.

The banana chocolate tart is a delicious combination of sweet, crunchy,w banana goodness.


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