Justin Bieber recently received harsh criticism for his parting note at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Justin Bieber recently received harsh criticism for his parting note at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.


By Kelsey Meehan
Staff Reporter

Let’s have a quick middle school history lesson.

Anne Frank was a holocaust victim who chronicled her struggle of hiding and attempted survival against Nazi Germany during World War II in her diary.

“A Diary of a Young Girl” tells the inner-most thoughts of a young Jewish girl who was killed at the age of fifteen in a concentration camp.  The diary was taken after the family was pulled out of hiding from Amsterdam; it was later returned to her father, the only known survivor of the family,  after Anne’s death was confirmed in 1945.

Upon reading the diary, her father learned the truth about Anne—she was a Belieber. Wait, what?

Fast forward from your awkward middle school stage and enter 2013. The general hope is that as well-educated college students, we know who Anne Frank is.

Unfortunately, we are also aware of the existence of Justin Bieber. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional sing along to his girly songs, but beyond the occasional tune that comes on because the shuffle setting doesn’t filter between good music and bad, the “Biebs” is never on my mind.

Granted, I can only speak for myself. I can’t speak for the percentage of girls who have a cut out of him stashed in their dorm rooms (you know who you are) or for the guys who can only dream of having golden locks as flowing as his.

You may be asking yourself how I plan on tying together Anne Frank and Justin Bieber. If you’re not, it’s most likely because you get TMZ updates and have seen the recent news surrounding the two.

Here’s the low down: Justin makes a pit stop in Amsterdam while on tour in Europe. While there, he decides to squeeze in a quick history lesson and visits the Anne Frank House, where he makes the brilliant decision to sign the museum guestbook.

Harmless, right?

But the issue is in the message he wrote—“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

For those of you who don’t keep up with the happenings of tween pop stars, “Belieber” is the term designated for the hoards of fan girls and boys who either idolize or are in love with Justin Bieber. The fact that he calls his fans that weirds me out enough. But the fact that he would write that in the guestbook at the Anne Frank House pushes it one heinous step further.

The petty comment exploded,  causing over 1,300 people to post on the museum’s Facebook page in an outrage and an equal number to rant via Twitter about the arrogance and conceitedness of the 19-year-old superstar.

The comment was called “vile” and “appalling” while the Biebs himself was branded “a shallow doofus.”

The museum spokeswoman was quick to defend the star, remarking how his age and stardom excuses such an arrogant comment.

Basically, since the kid never finished school, it’s not his fault he permanently drew attention away from a Holocaust victim to himself!

The comment has drawn mixed reactions from multiple people. One of my personal favorite tweets comes from Joe Garden, who remarked, “Come on people, settle down about Justin Bieber. It’s just a made-up controversy. We all know Justin Bieber can’t read or write.”

This perspective was smacked down by Simon Pegg, who argued via twitter, “What is wrong with Bieber?! When I was 19, absolutely everything I said was thoughtful considered and intelligent. Like all of us, right?”

If you ask me, Pegg’s argument is lessened by the fact that he’s older than 19 and still can’t properly use commas.

Here’s the thing. I am 20, and I wouldn’t write a comment of that nature in a museum guest book honoring Anne Frank.

Granted, would most teenagers visit the museum in the first place? Amsterdam is a city with a lot of opportunities to offer…how many kids would rather get a history lesson?

Personally, I can’t make up my mind about this issue, most likely because a part of me still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this story was featured by TIME Magazine.

Seriously, it was featured just above a story about the most handsome man in Saudi Arabia being deported and two stories ahead of the recent Boston bombings.

That in itself is offensive.

I find the message written by the Biebs offensive in that he has the audacity to put himself on the same level as Anne Frank.

The way I look at it, a young girl who suffered and died during the most horrific human genocide in history should not have a museum in her name defiled by the stupidity of an overly arrogant 19-year-old celebrity.

Bieber would have been lucky if Anne Frank had ever had the opportunity to know his name, let alone be a fan of his.

The reality of the situation is that no one will ever know if Anne Frank would have been a “Belieber” or not.

Furthermore, who really cares if she would be or not? Why are we focusing on the relationship (or lack thereof) between Anne Frank and Justin Bieber?

Maybe the kid was looking for publicity. Maybe he legitimately didn’t think it was an offensive comment. Maybe he truly is as self-centered as this scandal is making him appear.

But is this really the top story of the week? Absolutely not.

So let’s all just move on,  people. There are far bigger stories this week (I just picked the short straw).


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