10. You’ve resorted to locking yourself in the second floor Falvey bathrooms whenever you don’t want to do something.

9. When people ask, “What are you doing after the big day?” you just repond “NO” and end the conversation.

8. You are making full use of your time but haven’t slept since Easter Break.

7.  You’ve been caught hugging the Oreo multiple times.

6.  The freshman dorm you used to feel homesick in is now a sanctuary that you miss. You also deliver “gifts” to the current residents of your room on the regs.

5. You have made an early morning dial to just about every friend you’ve lost touch with since freshman year asking if they can have coffee for “old times’ sake.”

4. You refuse to apply to any jobs.

3.  Your only game plan for next year is to “take a year off” and hang out on campus.

2. You have yet to take your senior portraits, and refuse to pick up your cap and gown.

1. Instead of making champagne-oriented plans for Graduation Day you hide away in the cyber lounge of Connelly. You can’t graduate if you’re not there, right?


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