Technology today has made it easy for college students throughout the country to order books,  movies,  concert tickets and now food online.  

Students nationwide base their decisions on convenience and the speed at which something can be done.  A recently launched student-run business is aiming to change the way University students order food on a daily basis. 

MainLine Munchies is an online service made for University students by University students. It is a site where students can log on, order their food from the restaurants listed and have it prepared for either delivery or pick-up. 

Students and residents no longer have to pick up the phone to call in orders. The MainLine Munchies website gives students access to the restaurants’ respective menus as well as the ability to order all on the same site. 

James Bradley, graduate software engineering student, is the founder and CEO of MainLine Munchies. He developed the idea for his business, which officially launched on Aug. 23. 

“I was creating an Android app for Burger Joint junior year, and the next step was going to be just creating an app for Villanova restaurants to order from,” said Bradley. “At the beginning of senior year we just decided to make it a website and go for NovaBucks as well. “ 

Bradley has been working with junior Rick Ullrich who is the chief financial officer of MainLine Munchies to get the business underway. 

All together, it took Bradley about a year and a half to bring the final concept of MainLine Munchies to fruition, and now he and Ullrich are continuously working to get more restaurants on board, and to get the word out to University students. 

“We’re still making improvements to it,” said Ullrich. “We’re open to suggestions from both students and the restaurants involved so we’re constantly making some changes. Now the main push is just making up flyers and actually getting people to used it.”

The two seem to be working well together as they share the work involved with the start-up. Bradley takes on more of the technical work and testing and development involved with the website, while Ullrich is more responsible for talking to the restaurants and getting them to sign on. 

 Right now, MainLine Munchies offers access to three restaurants’ ordering menus, but that number is constantly growing as more restaurants partner up with the company. 

Ho Choi, Wingers and Pacilios Pizza are all available through MainLine Munchies. The site currently accepts payment via cash, credit card and NovaBucks. 

The process of ordering food is pretty simple. Students first log on to their website http://www.MainLinemunchies.com. They can then either create an account or order without an account. 

A benefit of creating an account is that orders get saved, so if there is a “usual” order, it can be consistently ordered with ease. Additionally, users can update their profiles as they change buildings from year to year. 

Once on the website, students can either search a specific restaurant’s menu, or search by the type of food they want and meal they want.

It is all made very easy for students to find exactly what they want. And as more restaurants join, the food choice options grow as well. 

Minimum dollar amounts for orders are determined by the individual restaurants. Another key feature to this website is that users can place an order for a later delivery for a later arrival on campus, delivery after a class or a meeting, or just wanting to get the first order in before the dinner rush. 

In the next two to three months, MainLine Munchies plans to have a phone app to further facilitate the ordering process. For now, they can be found on most social media websites.  Victoria Weiss, ’13, is the marketing coordinator for MainLine Munchies. 

 Although this business is new to the University area, Bradley has big plans for it. 

“By the end of the year, I’m hoping to be at two other schools, and next year I’m looking to take a job nearby so I can work on it,” said Bradley. 

The unique thing about MainLine Munchies is that it was created by University students who are still actively part of the community.  

“This app was created by Villanova students for Villanova students and the whole goal is to make everything easier for them through saving orders, being able to use your Wildcard, stuff like that,” Ulrich said.  “We just need everyone’s help to follow through with the idea, and it’s really great because Villanova is going to be the place where it started.”

With the changing trends in food service, this business is just another step in the direction of easy food ordering and making the lives of college students easier one click at a time. 

mainline munchies crop


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