People wake up and look at themselves every morning. They notice glaring changes such as new pimples or bruises, but some changes are subtle. For example, it takes someone who has not seen a specific person for an extended period of time to notice the difference in that person’s height, weight, voice and even personality.

The University is changing. Some transformations are obvious. The construction is not sneaking up on anybody. But some amendments to University norms are not as apparent. For example, members of the Class of 2015 now living in West Campus apartments may be oblivious to the fact that on South Campus, male freshmen are living in Coughlin and females are living in Maguire. Co-eds could barely visit those resident halls two years ago.

More serious changes may be evading student radars as well. All students received an e-mail last week regarding changes to Public Safety and alcohol enforcement at the University. Many students overlooked the e-mail because they did not recognize the sender’s name.

It is The Villanovan’s mission to make students aware of University news. But Villanovan reports are simply products of the curiosity of individual student writers and editors. The news section is dependent on investigation. The sports section is dependent on school spirit. The arts and entertainment section is dependent on culture. The features section is dependent on appreciation. The opinion section is dependent on feedback. The University is dependent on each student adopting and practicing those five characteristics. Investigate, celebrate, live, appreciate and most importantly respond to change at the University. Heraclitus philosophized that, “the only constant is change”. Channel your inner calculus student and don’t forget the C.


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