Student musicians can take the stage in the Belle Air Terrace on Thursday nights.

Student musicians can take the stage in the Belle Air Terrace on Thursday nights.

By Stephen Kane
Staff Reporter

Finding music on campus is much easier this semester, with the very special program of Live Music Thursdays.

Presented by the Campus Activities Team, Live Music Thursdays is hosted at the Belle Air Terrace in the Connelly Center every other Thursday night with a spotlighted singer-songwriter, music artist or band.

Curated by CAT’s Kaltra Aliaj, the first “kickoff” show of the season was The Kicks of Nashville, Tenn.

The rock ‘n’ roll four-piece did a stellar job bringing great grooves and melodies in the atmospheric setting of the Belle Air Terrace.

The Kicks proved full rock bands are very suitable for the Belle Air Terrace, with students watching in awe and with the utmost interest.

Lead singer and rhythm guitar player Jordan Phillips, lead guitarist Adam Stark, bass guitarist Gabriel Anderson and drummer Lucas Cummins had the Belle Air Terrace dedicated to the soul of Nashville blues rock for a highly energetic set.

Their latest record “Tonight Changes Everything” proves to be worthy praise.

Live Music Thursdays usually run from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and boasts a free cover charge.

Featuring solo artists as well as full bands, locally and nationally, the event is an impressive display of great cutting-edge musical acts.

In the light of pure entertainment, Live Music Thursdays makes a fantastic display of music for the students of Villanova.

Outside of the Spring Concert Series, we are presented with many authentic musicians every Thursday in the Belle Air Terrace for our own personal concerts.

The intimacy of the Belle Air Terrace allows students to converse with the bands and musicians. After the performance, students can purchase albums and chat with the musicians, a very unique opportunity characteristic of Live Music Thursdays.

Acoustically, the sound of the room is very suitable for a full band as well as for solo acoustic acts.

Not stuck to one specific genre, Live Music Thursdays feature music from a cappella to pop rock to soft acoustic.

In between Live Music Thursdays are Open Mic Nights where any student can sign up and perform songs in a comfortable setting.

Bring along an acoustic guitar, keyboard, written poem or just about any prepared material for performing. Open Mic Nights are a great way to express the artist inside each one of us, a great release of creativity and talent.

Run like your favorite coffee house, Open Mic Nights are an esteem tradition in the Connelly Center. The perfect opportunity to swoon over a friend, write a new song or express great melody Open Mic Nights on Thursdays provide a great outlet for inner creativity.

There is also an interactive aspect of Live Music Thursdays. Interviews with the musician, songwriter or band provide an informative outlook behind the music.

Provided by VTV, the video interviews are conducted allowing the artist to engage in deep conversation about their music and work.

Allowing the audience and students to find out more great information about the band’s history.

WXVU 89.1 FM Villanova Radio is highly capable of providing a great space to conduct audio interviews to be broadcasted and transmitted on air as well.

With so much talent on campus, it’s great to host such an opportunity for students to perform freely with Open Mic Nights.

Thank the CAT office for their great service of providing the live music found on campus. Live Music Thursdays continue to be a great source of musical entertainment for all Villanova students as they get a serving of some of the best music traveling the U.S. today.

One band scheduled to play is Boston’s The Ballroom Thieves. The three piece boasts a description as “rock disguised as folk” with guitarist Martin Earley, drummer Devin Mauch and cellist Rachel Gawell.

Their debut release “The Devil & The Deep” proves to be a great addition in for intimate acoustic-folk listeners everywhere.

Look for flyers on campus promoting upcoming shows for Live Music Thursdays and Open Mic Nights for the latest info on the upcoming talented performers and musicians.


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