10.  You remember when WildCards looked more official than glorified library cards.

9.  You have figured out the staircases in Tolentine, although you may still be unsure what the “Mezzanine” actually is.

8.  You will always remember the opera singing, photographing, Bob-Marley-playing cab driver, Lavender.

7.  You remember the “liquid cocaine” crisis aka the War on Four Loko.

6.  You finally figured out the shortest way from Bartley to Tolentine, only to have the construction completely block off that route.

5.  You can remember the glory days, and then the downfall of ID Chief.

4.  You have received at least two parking tickets, neither of which you have paid or will ever pay.

3.  You are on a first-name basis with the bouncers and bartenders at Kelly’s, Erin and Maloneys—shout out to Big Steve.

2.  You are currently on your ninth WildCard, seven of which were lost freshman year.

1. You can confidently say that Villanova is your home away from home and can’t believe you will ever be graduating.


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