1. What do you think people on campus know you as?

Okay, I might as well use this opportunity as my official debut. I am the anonymous GDI on the second floor of Sullivan.

2. Hope’s or Insomnia?

I will forever be a Hope’s girl.

3. What’s your most awkward moment?

Well, it is currently in progress…it started at birth and it will end in death.

4. What was your last tweet and how many favorites did it get?

My last tweet was “What if soy milk is actually regular milk introducing himself in Spanish?” and it got two retweets and 17 favorites. Let’s just say there is a lot of pressure for my next tweet.

5. Where is the strangest place you have fallen asleep?

My family and I were at the Vatican for Mass when I was in kindergarten, and I fell asleep. The nuns asked if they could hold me and offered to move my family to the fifth row. So, I fell asleep in the arms of a nun at the Vatican.

6. What movie would you want to be your life?

A Cinderella Story”, because there is no better combination than a heavy rainfall after a drought and good ole’ Chad Michael Murray.

7. What’s your dream vacation?

Ever since I saw a picture of a man floating on the Dead Sea reading a newspaper in my fourth grade scienve class, I’ve always wanted to go there but no one will go with me. HMU if anyone on campus has an interest in joining me.

8. If you could be a building on campus, which one would you be?

O’Dwyer, hands down.

9.Would you rather speak like a robot or move like a robot?


10. Describe your perfect date.

A reenactment of any Taylor Swift song would be A-okay with me.


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