Sometimes change is presented loudly. Press conferences, interviews and landmark speeches characterize change fueled by demand, support and momentum. People rally around and become catalysts of this type of change. This is change with a purpose.

There is another type of change. This change is quiet. Sometimes it happens over night. Sometimes this change slides under loud change. It was difficult to hear all the chatter about a possible Villanova University Police Department (VUPD) over the noise of construction. Quiet change has a purpose as well, albeit unknown to most people directly impacted by the transition.

On Wednesday September, 11, members of the University community received an e-mail with the subject line “Community Forums for Department of Public Safety Presentation”. Considering that the e-mail was sent by Ken Valosky, the same sender of a July 2 campus wide e-mail with the subject line “University Shop Announcement,” students cannot be expected to be alarmed by seeing that name in their inbox.

The first sentence of the e-mail reads, “The University is currently considering transitioning a portion of its Public Safety Department to a full service law enforcement agency.” There must have been one hundred clearer and louder ways to make that announcement.

Why did the University opt for such minimal exposure for such a major issue? For minimal reaction perhaps. Students are not generally speaking about the possibility of a law enforcement agency materializing on campus, and with busy schedules, attendance at Public Safety forums cannot be expected to be high.

Write a letter to the President’s Office. Write a letter to the editor for the Villanovan. Ask questions. Attend forums. Host forums where passionate students and faculty are in charge. Always be in charge. Wildcats, make some noise.


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