Washington, we have a problem. The government is on an indefinite lunch break. Congress failed to pass a budget Monday evening. And now, multiple government programs shut down.
Don’t plan to watch any monumental rover landings in space on television. NASA TV employees are off the clock. Remember to wash all fruits and vegetables before eating. Environmental Protection Agency pesticide regulators and Health and Human Services food inspectors called out sick.
Don’t expect surveys in the mail or wordy misleading statistics on the news, Census Bureau economists and Labor statisticians have gone fishing. Aspiring winery owners can place their dreams on hold. Winery permit processors got sent home early.
Job outlooks for engineering students look grim. Renewable energy researchers and environmental engineers just fell out of demand, big time. But nuclear submarine engineers are safe. Make sure to register for nuclear submarine engineering class come registration. And the Department of Homeland Security does not seem to be hiring, since new employee trainers are on fall break.
The Justice department won’t be offering pardon attorneys for the foreseeable future. Sorry, death row. Drug enforcement agents are still in full force, though. Sorry drug dealers. And sorry for making light of the situation, but this must be a joke. Bi-partisianship was wounded, but it just died. When one controlling member of a group wants something, and another controlling member want the totally opposite, the two are supposed to compromise.
When one person wants to watch Monday Night Football and another person wants to watch Hostages, they toggle channels between commercial breaks. They don’t turn off the television and walk away.When mom wants to cook spaghetti but dad wants to cook steak, families don’t sit at an empty dinner table. Rational people compromise.
Humor aside, this is a big deal. Approximately 800,000 government employees have been furloughed. These workers are not fired, but they do not report to work and do not receive compensation.
That is 800,000 possible mothers and fathers with families to support. Perhaps this topic is a personal matter for some students and faculty at the University.
In honor of all the federal employees with a little extra time on their hands in the near future, everyone should take a break and reflect. Sometimes people latch too tightly onto their political party, religion, ethnicity or any smaller association. It can lead to prejudice and unproductivity. Today’s students are tomorrow’s decision makers, and the leaders of the future must avoid falling into the same traps seen today. Let it be an example of what not to do. The government is closed; don’t let your mind be, too.


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