10. Your phone battery drains three times a day from all the GroupMe notifications, Facebook notifications and from the texts of your 15+ new friends.

9. You have lunch dates/dinner dates booked up until Thanksgiving break.

8. When you see anyone from your trip on campus you either take a picture of them and post it in your GroupMe and/or run up to them screaming like you haven’t seen them in five years.

7. You have a new profile picture that includes either a smiling child or some type of power tool.

6. You have two papers and a test this week but you don’t care because getting dinner and talking about your trip and the experience you had is way more important.

5. Whenever a professor welcomes you back from break saying “I hope you’re all nice and relaxed” you just laugh because you’ve never been this tired and you haven’t slept in about 72 hours.

4. Your everyday life now consists of strictly inside jokes that no one outside of your trip understands.

3.You never want to see a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again.

2. You’re sporting a new bandana on your backpack and a bead around your wrist. Yup, you’re officially one of “those” kids.

1. You feel so lucky that 15+ people who were randomly placed in your life are now your family and support system back here at the University.





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