The University will conduct a live campus-wide lockdown drill at approximately 2 p.m. next Wednesday, Nov. 6. This drill, which will last 30 minutes and is designed to cause as little disruption as possible, is another step in the University’s continuing, comprehensive effort to bolster safety around campus. A lockdown is a school-issued protective action ordering community members to remain in secured locations. The purpose of this action is to protect everyone on campus by preventing people posing imminent threats of violence from entering buildings. Once the University issues a lockdown order, everyone must find the nearest building and then room—preferably a locked room—as quickly as possible and stay inside until the order is lifted.  All doors will be locked, either automatically through the Wildcard system or manually by staff and Public Safety personnel. Under normal circumstances, a lockdown order immediately overrides everything occurring on campus. For this drill, though, faculty members are not being asked to alter their classes. Additionally, the Nova Alert system will only update students with an “all clear” message when the drill is over, as opposed to providing continuous updates via text and email as it would during an actual crisis. Residence Halls will remain open during this drill to those with Wildcard access to these buildings, and campus visitors will be permitted to enter the premises. In the event of an actual lockdown order, campus gates may be closed. The Department of Public Safety encourages students, faculty and staff to be aware of this lockdown drill and to spread the word to others.


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