10.  Every chance you get, you say you were born in Halloweentown.

9. You watch your mailbox on the regular, despite having already turned 11 years of age with no letter from Hogwarts. Halloween makes being a Muggle more bearable.

8. You have been planning your costumes since November 1, last year.

7. We said “costumes,” not “costume,” because you have at least five on layaway for all those “unexpected” Halloween plans that came your way.

6. Your hands will reek for awhile from the stench of the guts of the jack ’o lanterns you have cleaned out, carved and lit in your window.

5. You are blackmailing your smallest friend to trick-or-treat in Radnor so you can live vicariously through someone other than the kids you babysit.

4. Every time you step outside, you hit your roommate and scream, “It smells like Halloween!!!!”

3.Same thing with the noise of crunchy leaves—sounds like Halloween—and the cool wind blowing against your ears—feels like Halloween.

2. Today is a holiday. Every other day is just a countdown.

1. You use phrases like “Halloweekend.”




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