The New Zealand natives continue to rise to prominence within the United States as they continue their latest tour.

The New Zealand natives continue to rise to prominence within the United States as they continue their latest tour.

By Jessica Murphy
Staff Reporter

The Naked and Famous is taking America by storm.

It’s only been five years since the beginnings of the indie/electro band, but with only two albums, they have already traveled around the world with their own headlining tour.

The New Zealand natives traveled almost 7,000 miles and 19 time zones to live up to their band name and make it big. Now settled in Los Angeles, it’s safe to say they have made a name for themselves.

After their first album, “Passive Me, Aggressive You,” dropped in 2010 and peaked at number 91 on the Billboard 200, it was their hit song “Young Blood” that rose to popularity. It originally caught notice after being featured on numerous popular television shows, including “Gossip Girl” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

From there the song took off. It hit the radio waves and had remained a constant ever since. With its fun, catchy tune, it’s easy to see why.

Almost three years later, The Naked and Famous finally released its second album, “In Rolling Waves.”

The second album still has the cool, fun beats that were featured on “Passive Me,  Aggressive You,” but the band has grown tremendously in their lyrics, especially in the use of lead singer Alisa Xayalith’s voice. The band took its time to thoughtfully write all of its songs and the wait has definitely paid off.

Coming to Philadelphia for the first time right before Fall Break here at ’Nova, The Naked and Famous invaded the Trocadero—-a small, intimate venue located on Market Street.

The band kicked off the set list with a hit off their first album, “Girls Like You.” From there, they switched off playing songs from both of their albums.

Lead singers Xayalith and Thom Powers kept the crowd engaged even during the slower, less dance-worthy ballads. Both Xayalith and Powers happily and energetically belted out every note, never once holding back during the extent of their show.

Xayalith and Powers, who are dating, kept the show running smoothly despite some technical issues in the show. The two had a great dynamic and were fun to watch, as Xayalith danced around the stage while Powers remained stoic behind the guitar.

The band’s notably strong energy endured for the entire hour and a half set, no doubt fueled by the awesome light show.

Although many people at the venue did not know every song or lyric, the atmosphere was still thriving and fun throughout.

Powers and bassist David Beadle strayed from the set list to show off their skills on guitar, while drummer Jesse Wood also had his chance to shine with a drum solo.

Overall, the band seemed to be most comfortable when playing cohesively,  and it ended the show strongly with two well-known hits, “Punching in a Dream” and, of course, “Young Blood.”

From their tiny city in New Zealand to America and all over the world, The Naked and Famous have two incredibly strong albums for fans and newcomers to listen to and an even stronger live show to prove that it made it and is not going anywhere anytime soon.




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