By Collin Sceski

President of Villanovans for Life

Response to: “Abortion requires judgement free decision making zone”; Ben Kramer, October 3, 2013.

Ethics is the study of objective morals.  Even the professor who Kramer quoted as saying, “We don’t live in absolutes anymore” was unable to avoid the objective nature of morality.  By the mere mention of “the right thing,” Groch tips his hat to the omnipresent absolutes that we deal with in ethical discussion.

Kramer suggests that no one has the right to tell a woman whether or not to have an abortion unless they are in the same position as she.  Yet we rebuke the racist and the homophobe with no prior need to walk in their shoes.  Moreover, Kramer seems to suggest that some abortion decisions can be judged by someone outside the situation; his statement concerning which things do not justify abortion is assuredly based in absolute or objective truths, or else he could not claim that some abortions are justified while others are not.  Kramer’s pro-choice philosophy leaves us with the contradictory claim that individuals are always free to abort, except in some instances in which Kramer labels their motives as selfish.

Kramer and I do agree on several things; human persons have inherent rights and dignity, life is sacred and the solution to abortion must be grounded in love.  Despite these acknowledgements, Kramer never addresses when personhood begins and instead focuses on the abortion debate with only the life of the mother in mind.  If the fetus can be terminated at the request of the mother then the objective nature of personhood is focused in a subjective way to exclude the fetus.  This exclusion is grounded in the same objectivism that leads to racism, sexism and something LeVel strongly decries: ableism.

By defending the personhood, dignity and unalienable rights of the unborn in all circumstances, the pro-lifer denies the relativism that falsely justifies abortion.


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