1. What are the best and worst part about being a chem major?

Best: The reaction I get when I tell someone I’m in the Villanova Chemistry Society.  Worst: The reaction I get when I tell someone I’m in the Villanova Chemistry Society.

2. Describe your living situation freshman year?

I was in a triple with my two best friends and you couldn’t pay me to do it again. Lesson learned: best friends aren’t always best roommates.

3. If you could choose to be any fictional character who would it be?

The girl from “Fifty Shades of Grey”? JUST KIDDING. I used to want to be Rory from “Gilmore Girls.”

4. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“The Cupid Shuffle.”  The amount of times I heard it during SpO was unbelievable, but I danced to it every time.

5. What is the difference between living and being alive?

Being alive is existing day to day. Living is taking each day and doing something great with it.

6. Which is the best campus—South, West or Main? 

Hmm…West and South are both great. I love the apartments this year, but I spent two amazing years in St. Mo’s and “Great” Counsel.

7. Most embarrassing moment of your life?

Well it’s probably gonna be when my family finds out I’m in The Villanovan and reads my answer to number three…

8. What’s the best pickup line?

Do you have 11 protons? Because you are sodium fine.

9. Best moment of your life? 

Being featured in The Villanovan.

10. Who is your Villanova idol and why?

Millie Migliarino in Admissions.  She’s always so happy and everyone loves her.  And she shared her lunch with me the other day.  You can’t beat that!


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