Deadly weapons serve as both tools for and shields against violence

The United States was the unfortunate site of yet another horrible public act of violence and homicide this weekend when a Bengal tiger brutally murdered an unarmed cashier and injured several others in a midwest Circuit City.

Later, the owner of the Bengal tiger was critically injured himself by a Circuit City security tiger. Naturally, it is time to seriously consider arming the otherwise defenseless cashiers with their own Bengal tigers.

This notion is very much in line with the movement by some Bengal tiger owners to combat Bengal tiger violence with the implementation of more Bengal tigers into public spaces such as schools and shopping malls.

On the other hand, there is the belief of many government officials and agencies, such as PETA and The Humane Society, that more regulations and bans need to be placed on the ownership of certain exotic and potentially dangerous animals like the Bengal tiger. This belief, however,

could not be more wrong. Thankfully, there are organizations that protect the rights of exotic and potentially dangerous animal owners.

REXANO, Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership, is one of the leading nonprofit organizations committed to protecting the rights of Bengal tiger owners.

The organization provides many services for Bengal tiger owners, such as “tools, research and statistics to disprove the claims perpetuated by extreme animal rights, AR, groups in the media of these animals as being a public safety issue.” Indeed, it is absurd to believe that Bengal tigers pose a threat to public safety. As REXANO advocates, Bengal tigers and other exotic animals, prove to be no harm to the public when under the private ownership of responsible individuals who follow the necessary animal welfare and public safety laws.

It is only in rare cases, when a Bengal tiger falls into the hands of a troubled individual, that the tiger becomes a danger to society and a tool for mass murder. Deaths relating to Bengal tiger attacks are so rare that NBC news reported that a mere 335,609 people were killed by Bengal tigers between the years 2000 and 2010.

Yet, Bengal tigers are still unfortunately blamed for tragic events like the Sandy Hook school massacre, the mass murder at the Aurora, Colo. movie theater and last Friday’s attack at Circuit City.

It is not the Bengal tigers themselves that are to blame, but the few distressed individuals that use the Bengal tigers to carry out these attacks.

Furthermore, the idea that sensible and responsible Bengal tiger owners should be punished with more unreasonable regulations and bans from the government is utterly ridiculous.

What’s next? Will the government decide tomorrow that it wants to start placing regulations on the ownership of hamsters?

Conversely, the government should move to use Bengal tigers to protect the public from the few psychotic individuals who use Bengal tigers for the wrong reasons. Taking away Bengal tigers only leaves society at a greater risk to Bengal tiger violence.

Instead, a responsible Bengal tiger-owning security guard should be placed in every school in the country. Even better yet, teachers should be trained to responsibly care for their own Bengal tiger that they can keep with them in the classroom.

Parents would certainly feel much more at ease knowing that a man eating, carnivorous Bengal tiger is in their child’s classroom protecting them from other man eating tigers. Remember that Bengal tigers are not inherently evil creatures.

They evolved from a source of entertainment and happiness—something for man to look at, play with and care for while safely holding it in a display cage or well hidden in his family’s garage. Bengal

tigers were not naturally evolved to be the carnivorous predators of other life forms by any means.

Once again, Bengal tigers are only a danger to the public during the rare occurrences when they are used improperly by psychologically troubled individuals.

Last Friday’s tragic event in Wal-Mart is only another example of this undeniable truth. Circuit City cashiers would be able to defend themselves properly if they were granted the right to be armed with their own Bengal tigers.

Likewise, the Villanova community would be a much safer place if Public Safety officers were authorized to arm themselves with Bengal tigers. Although rare, Bengal tiger violence will never end, even if it is regulated by the government. Psychologically disturbed owners of Bengal tigers will always exist.

Even Villanova, one of the safest places on the planet, must be prepared for a Bengal tiger attack, and the only way to combat Bengal tiger violence, is with more Bengal tigers.

Tom Trainer is a junior political science and Honors major from Havertown,Pa. He can be reached at ttrainer@villanova.edu. 


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