10.  The emails from Tom Mogan have begun about the Ticket Lottery.  A large group of your peers have forgotten to register and are already posting on the class Facebook page asking for tickets.

9. Hoops Mania.  You met the freshmen, saw Nicki Minaj and wished you could dunk like Daniel Ochefu.

8.   If you’re a freshman you’re making sure your best Nationer gear is washed.  If you’re an upper classman you’re trying to figure out what to wear so you don’t freeze on the way to the Pavilion and don’t die of heat exhaustion at the game.

7.  You’ve learned about the new Big East.  Yeah, it’s still the old crew of DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence,  Seton Hall, St. Johns and Villanova.  But now the new kids of Xavier, Butler and Creighton are here, too.  We also said goodbye to some old rivals in Syracuse and Notre Dame.

6.  It’s the next big event to plan your weekend around.  Day of Service, Homecoming and Special Olympics have come and gone, so now it’s up to basketball games to break up the monotony of your weekly life.

5.  You’ve heard the kid behind you in class start to brag about how he lives in the same building as Dylan Ennis or takes ACS with Josh Hart. We got it buddy, it’s a pretty small school.

4.  The experts on ESPN have given their predictions, but what you’re really interested in is what your roommate thinks about this season.  He may not know what a travel is, but he’d bet his life savings that the ’Cats are going to win the National Championship this year.

3.   You’ve begun looking around in class trying to figure out which of your classmates is the right size to be Wil D Cat.

2.  The morning after the game your professor begins class by giving his or her personal recap of the game.  You’re not quite sure if he/she read about it in the newspaper or whether he/she attended, but you appreciate the effort to relate.

1.  Jay Wright.  Students love him, other coaches want to be him.  No matter the opponent, you know his suit is bringing the heat.


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