Where Kabuki falters in selection and quality,  the restaurant excels in customer service.

Where Kabuki falters in selection and quality, the restaurant excels in customer service.

By Haley Beyma
Staff Reporter

Kabuki Sushi is a well-priced, BYOB sushi restaurant located in King of Prussia. Though the restaurant is off the beaten path, sushi fans should not pass up the opportunity to visit Kabuki. The quality of both the food and service were far superior to what I was first expecting.

The location of the restaurant and confusing entrance near the back of the building initially might confuse new diners. The décor of the restaurant itself is nothing to write home about either, in terms of both interior and exterior decoration.

Sushi restaurants that are closer to the University, like Sushiland, are far superior to Kabuki.

The entire restaurant seemed very old-school in appearance and not in a good way. The inside of the restaurant has a dated ’80’s look.

However, the quality of both food and service at Kabuki exceeded expectations. The menu is expansive; many different styles of rolls are offered ranging in price from $8 to nearly $15. Kabuki also offers hibachi in one area of the restaurant.

The place is small—–though both dining rooms were relatively empty at 5:45 p.m., Kabuki was packed by 8 p.m., with a line trailing out the door and into the parking lot. Because of the massive crowd that starts to grow at around 7 p.m., the service is extremely quick to try to get diners out faster.  While there is a definite chance that patrons may end up feeling rushed due to the speed of the service, the promptness is without a doubt better than the possibility of a sluggish wait staff and poor attention to customers’ needs.

There were only four servers, and two itamae, or sushi chefs, working the entire restaurant when I ate there, but service was anything but sub-par.

The staff was pleasant, attentive and speedy. My food arrived at my table only five minutes after ordering, and it appeared that all of the other patrons experienced quick service as well.

The quality of sushi that Kabuki serves far outweighs what I would expect given the low price. The rainbow roll was a standout that was constructed differently from most other rainbow rolls that I have ordered in sushi restaurants.

Instead of topping a California roll with various types of fish and slabs of avocado, Kabuki’s rainbow roll was a combination of crab, whitefish, salmon, avocado and tuna that was wrapped in a fresh cucumber served with ponzu sauce which was as delicious as it was unexpected.

Other standouts were the gyoza and the barbeque squid. The California crunch roll was delicious as well and put a nice twist on an old classic by topping off a basic California roll with shrimp tempura tossed in a sweet sauce.

The portions of the sushi were generous given the price as well. Dessert selection at Kabuki was a little lacking, but Japanese restaurants are generally not renowned for their famous desserts.

Kabuki is a great restaurant for the price. Though you could find higher-end gourmet sushi places in the nearby area, Kabuki’s high-quality service and Japanese food justify a visit.



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