1.  You bought a Shoot ’em Up Sleep in the Streets shirt.

2.  Your entire newsfeed was flooded with #gocatz statuses. You spent an hour liking each one.

3.  Everyone spent the last week begging for Penn tickets.

4.  You traded your future firstborn for one of those tickets. Worth it.

5.  The first time you went on ESPNu was yesterday.

6.  You hugged JayVaughn Pinkston in excitement, but then had to spend the next half hour in the omelette line next to him. Not awkward.

7.  You’ve been watching YouTube videos of the 1985 championship in preparation for beating St. Joe’s.

8.  You just booked your hotel for the Big East tournament.

9.  Your cover photo is of Arch’s shot against Syracuse.

10.  After spending the last four years playing M.A.S.H. R.A.P.  with your housemates and debating which basketball player you want to marry, you have finally concluded your only soulmate is Jay Wright.



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