The Villanova Dance Ensemble shone on stage this weekend, perfoming a wide variety of impressive choreography.

The Villanova Dance Ensemble shone on stage this weekend, perfoming a wide variety of impressive choreography.




By Jessica Murphy
Staff Reporter


The Villanova Dance Company and Ensemble had yet another shining show this past weekend as they put on their annual Fall Showcase.

Performing two shows in the St. Mary’s auditorium, the Company and Ensemble have only been making the show bigger and better over the years, adding all types of dance into the show to songs we all know and love.

Starting off the show with Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody,” the Company comprised of 20 girls, and Ensemble of more than 30, began with fun and uplifting choreography that continued on throughout the entirety of the 90-minute show.

Dances that consisted of tap, ballet, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary were all featured in the show and were choreographed by students.

But it wasn’t all just dancing! The show also had great guest performances by the Irish Dance team as well as an original song by senior Shawn Welch.

Eight members of the Company put together over 13 dances in just four months with the help of their advisor Melissa Vella-Salcedo.

Recognize the name? That’s because Salcedo was one of the final four women in the first season of the popular dance competition show “So You Think You Can Dance?”

In addition, she was a featured dancer in Toni Braxton’s tour as well as been on shows such as “Ellen” and “Good Day L.A.”

While Salcedo put together the closing number, “The Change–Up,” the group is largely run by the students.

With their fearless and talented presidents, juniors Jen Mauser and Christa Chirico, and the rest of their executive board, they put together the show both on the stage and behind.

The dancers contribute more than just their performances—they put together programs filled with fan mail and in-depth bios, as well as preparing baked goods the audience can purchase at intermission.

Meeting every Wednesday, the dancers worked above and beyond to bring the show together to make it perfect and impress—which they most certainly did.

From senior Nicole Puccio’s fun and creative jazz dance to “Ricky Ricardo” by KAPTN, to sophomore Sam Morford’s innovative and daring contemporary piece to “Bird Song”  by Florence and the Machine, the dancers had a wide variety that always kept the audience engaged and wanting more.

The auditorium was  jam–packed, filled with dozens of bouquets of flowers as well as family,  friends and even recent alum of the Company and Ensemble.

Junior and Co-President Christa Chirico, who has been involved with the group since freshman music camp, and also choreographed a dance this year to the popular song “Flaws” by Bastille, is most proud of all the girls who stepped up in big ways this semester.

Many Company members choreographed for the first time this year,   such as sophomore Nicole Guidone and juniors Stephanie Veljacic and Marissa Jensen. Their creative and new choreography that took much bigger risks like lifts certainly paid off.

Although the group lost a considerable amount of seniors last year, they gained a large freshman class of 21 girls that have a great amount of talent.

Knowing their time at ’Nova has just begun, Chirico has no doubt that Company and Ensemble can only get better, and she’s excited to find out what the future holds moving on in the coming semesters.

However, for today, the beaming co-president could not be prouder of the Company and Ensemble and the shows this weekend which closed out the semester.

The VDCE will be back next semester with their Spring Showcase with even more dancing that will be sure to satisfy.


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