Finding a great spot for brunch is never difficult in Philadelphia.

Finding a great spot for brunch is never difficult in Philadelphia.

By Gabrielle Gesek
Staff Reporter

Brunch is the holy grail of weekend dining, boasting the perfect breakfast-lunch combination at a delightful hour.

Finally the day has come where we can put off the 10-page paper due in less than 48 hours and enjoy breakfast with friends going over every detail and spoken word from the night before.  However, where you spend these magical hours is just as important as who you spend them with.

While the easy swipe and half-minute trek to the Pit seems tempting, I urge you to step into wild side of non-fluorescent lighting and cushioned seating.  For those ready for a new adventure, grab your besties and check out these awesome places for brunch just around the corner.

First stop on the itinerary is Morning Glory Diner, located in the heart of Bella Vista on 10th and Fitzwater streets. Considered one of the original spots for brunch, Morning Glory is more than a typical diner. Everything they serve is made from scratch with the freshest of ingredients.  This daytime-only spot transforms the average omelet into decadent frittatas, boring pancakes into “glory cakes” and plain bread into their famous home-made biscuits.

Next on the list is Cake, set in the Robertson’s Flowers’ solarium on Germantown Avenue in quaint Chesnut Hill. This hidden breakfast gem has an unrivaled atmosphere located inside of a greenhouse.  Cake is famous for their smoked salmon and potato pancake plates, breakfast pizza and freshly baked tarts.

Originally a diner car built in 1952 by the owner of a thriving silk manufacturing company, the aptly named Silk City is more than an average diner.  Silk City serves anything but the standard brunch fare boasting a diverse menu mix of smothered chicken and waffles, cider-braised pork belly hash and shrimp and grits to name a few.

The next destination is the perfect escape for any special occasion or if you simply need an excuse to pretend you’re having breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Perhaps one of the most elegant places for brunch in Philadelphia, the Swann Lounge of the Four Seasons Hotel does not fall short to impress.  The extravagant buffet is stacked with caviar, smoked fish and lobster tartlets, followed by extensive afternoon tea.  While a bit pricier than the rest, Swann Lounge is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

The last stop on the journey, the Radnor Hotel, is much closer to home and equally as delicious.  Awarded “Best of the Main Line” and “Best Brunch” of 2013, this quick getaway is sure to please.  While this brunch destination does not have a signature dish to boast, their bragging rights arise from perfecting the classics like waffles and strawberries and an extensive buffet.

These are just a few of the many places to enjoy the essential social meal of the week so wherever your journey takes you, may your stomach remain as full as your memories.


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