1.  There’s a countdown to Christmas in your room that you update every morning like clockwork. It may or may not be supplemented with the Advent calendar your grandma sent you with candy under each number or a green and red ringed chain lining your entire hall.

2.Studying for finals? You’re too busy watching “25 Days of Christmas” on ABC Family.

3.Every other line that comes out of your mouth is a direct quote from the movie “Elf.”

4.Every time the skies are gray, you hold out hope that just maybe it will be snow instead of rain.

5.You’re wearing an ugly holiday sweater in your profile picture.

6.Christmas Pandora is a not just background noise anymore; it’s a way of life.

7.Your laptop is open in class, but you’re not so much taking notes as you are online shopping for gifts.

8.It’s supposed to be in the 60’s today? Doesn’t matter, you’re wearing a scarf and sweater anyway because it’s December and it just seems right.

9.You spent an entire night trying to figure out how many extension cords would be necessary to string up lights across your ceiling.

10.You admit that yes, you do miss your family and can’t wait to get home to see them.


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