Each year, important calendar milestones spark resolutions among us.

As the new year rolls around, we pledge to go to the gym three times a week, give up smoking and become more appreciative of the little blessings in life; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day reminds people across the world to stand in solidarity and celebrate equality across racial lines; Valentines Day encourages us to express our love and affection for significant others.

These days in our yearly calendar are intended to reinforce important principles and resolutions in our daily lives.

Collectively, people are much more determined to carry out these espoused values on the specific holiday in question.

However, as time goes on, New Year’s resolutions fall by the way side, awareness for Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy fades into the background and loved ones often become overlooked by the time March 1 rolls around.

After these holidays have passed, we must take it upon ourselves to carry out the important tenets that are embedded in these milestones.

We should not merely observe the transcendent impact of MLK one day out of the year—nor should we commit ourselves to our resolutions for only a week after the new year has arrived. Individually, we must set goals and kick the habit of giving up.


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