Scandal has been rated ABC’s highest-rated show since “Lost.”

Scandal has been rated ABC’s highest-rated show since “Lost.”

By Emma Crisci
Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor

Although the “Scandal” winter finale was almost a month ago, Gladiators are already going through withdrawal over their most beloved crisis management firm, and are ready to suit up and join Olivia Pope again.

The episode, with the epic name “The Devil Came In,” begins with Cyrus walking up the stairs to a crazed Sally Langston who is peeking out from her door.  We learned from the previous episode that Sally finally loses it and whilst confronting her husband Daniel Douglas on his extramarital affair with Cyrus’ husband, she goes on a jealous rage and stabs Daniel in the back.  Cyrus resumes his usual role of covering up the murder by bringing in Quinn and the creepy B613 hit man (who, no matter how hard he tries to be romantic toward Quinn, is still a creep)to clean up Sally’s mess.

Switching scenes, we find Olivia Pope freaking out about where her mom is because we have just learned that Maya Pope is in fact a wanted terrorist in the United States who sells U.S. Intelligence secrets for money.  I know, this family is pretty messed up.  Because of the sudden enlightenment concerning Maya Pope, Olivia starts to see her dad, Rowan, in a whole different light.  She engages in a little argument with Jake who says something along the lines of even if Rowan looks good now; he is still Jake and Huck’s demon.

One of my favorite scenes in this finale involves the scene in the Pentagon with Rowan, Fitz and then later on, Olivia.  Fitz has Rowan tied up to a chair in the middle of a windowless room, and vows to keep him there until Maya Pope is safe (clearly Fitz is a little behind on everything going on). While Fitz tries to understand why Operation Remington actually happened, the conversation itself came down to basically the following choice words by Rowan:

“You are a boy. I’m a man. I have worked for everything I have ever received.”

And this one is my favorite:

“You will always be Senator Grant’s disappointing son, and she will always be the formidable Olivia Pope.”

Then comes the scene with Rowan and Olivia, where we finally find out the whole story of Operation Remington.  Olivia figures out that Maya lied to Rowan, and told him that there was a bomb on the plane that is heading towards London.  To avoid any conflict with another country, Rowan decides to shoot down the plane before it could reach London.  The major plot twist?  There was no bomb on the plane, and we find out how evil Maya (or Marie Wallace now), actually is.  With the best eye twitch in any television show, Rowan admits to Olivia’s story without even having to say anything.

James and Cyrus’ fight is starting to bore most viewers, but writer Shonda Rhimes at least kills it with Cryus’ line, “I’m still the man that you married. You just maybe never noticed the 6-6-6 on my forehead, but now you see it. I’m hoping, you’ll love me anyway.”  We learn that their relationship can still be mended, but only if Cyrus makes James the White House Press Secretary, of course.

As in most Shonda Rhimes’ shows, the real shockers usually happen within the last few minutes of the episode.  Jake romantically kisses Olivia and tells her he loves her, but the audience sees later that he has now taken over B613 and ousted Rowan, saying, “B613 is not an individual.  Cut the head off the snake and a new one will grow quickly”.(Take THAT, Rowan!) The last scene shows Olivia sitting with her popcorn and her glass of wine, naturally, when she gets a phone call from Marie Wallace.  Marie is standing in front of the White House, and says in an evil way, “Don’t worry Livvy, I’ll see you real soon”.

As always, Rhimes left us with many lingering questions.  What will happen to Rowan?  Is Jake going to turn evil now that he is Command?  Will Marie target Fitz?  How much more popcorn will Olivia eat?  If we Gladiators can make it, the answers to these questions will be revealed in just one month.


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