10. The decorations you haphazardly hung up in your room last semester did not fall down over break.

9. You did not have to spend an arm and a leg on books for once.

8. So far, every time you’ve gone to take a shower your favorite stall has been open and clean.

7. Your roommate bought you Hope’s Cookies last weekend just because.

6. You’ve been keeping up with the resolution to consistently go to class looking cute and put together.

5. The omelets in the Pit have been on point lately.

4. Even though it’s been difficult, you haven’t used any of your points, so you can basically go food shopping in Reel Divine whenever you want.

3. The banana you had for breakfast this morning was delicious.

2. All of your professors are really nice and not too intimidating.

1. There’s someone to talk to in every one of your classes. This semester is going to be awesome.



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