10. You almost fell down a flight of stairs in Tolentine because they were so slippery.

9. Your winter coat covers up the really nice outfits you have on every day. Not to mention it makes you look three times your actual size.

8. Every country song you like has something to do with summer, which depresses you when you open the blinds and see snow still on the ground.

7. Walking into the Pit has now become one of the scariest parts of your day because you almost got run over by a snowplow. Twice.

6. The windows in your room are locked shut because of the ice that’s frozen on the inside and outside.

5. You learned the hard way that you should wear your snow boots to the gym and bring your sneakers. Otherwise running on the treadmill will turn into slipping off the treadmill.

4.You have started to wake up 30 minutes earlier just to make sure you have enough time to slowly walk to class so you don’t risk a public wipeout in the Quad.

3. Walking back to South from your classes on West takes 20 minutes on a good day, but usually more if it is snowing enough to fog up your glasses.

2. Going out on the weekends just isn’t as much fun when you can’t wear high heels.

1. You wish that your nose and ears could tuck in like turtles every time you step outside.


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