Sean and Catherine’s wedding was the first live television wedding to ever air for the franchise.

Sean and Catherine’s wedding was the first live television wedding to ever air for the franchise.

By Meg Miller
Staff Reporter

Well if you’re like me, you were looking forward to Sunday night for a full year, or maybe more accurately, 17 seasons.

You guessed it.

Sunday night was the night we’d all been waiting for, the Bachelor wedding! After a year of anticipation, Sean and Catherine finally tied the knot, for the whole world to see no less.

Sunday night, ABC aired a live broadcast of last season’s bachelor, Sean Lowe, and winner Catherine Giudici’s nuptials and the viewers tuned in in hordes. Millions of viewers rejected the Grammy’s and watched the fan favorites wed; the run to get to this point wasn’t exactly the smoothest, however.

In the 17 seasons of Bachelor history, Catherine is the first winner to make it to the altar with her bachelor. Even though at the beginning of the wedding special Chris Harrison boasted it was the fourth Bachelor wedding, the statistics are a little skewed.

The only couple that ever came close to the altar on the Bachelor was season 13’s Jason and Molly, who, if you recall, were quite the controversial couple. After Jason chose Melissa Rycroft in the “most dramatic episode yet” – he changed his mind shortly after the finale and went back to the runner up, leaving Melissa in the dust. Jason and Molly later televised their wedding.

The Bachelorette, however, has a mildly better track record, having three couples still together. First season couple, Trista and Ryan, have defied the odds. They wed 10 years ago and are still going strong, living with their two children in Colorado.

In addition to Trista and Ryan, Bachelorette Ashley Hebert wed JP Rosenbaum in a ceremony aired on ABC in 2012. Last season’s champ Chris Siegfried is still with Bachelorette Desiree Hartstock and, though they have not yet married, they are living together.

Needless to say, the mere fact that Sean and Catherine made it to the aisle was monumental for Bachelor fans. However, the special did not just include a live taping of the nuptials, it also included over an hour of exceedingly awkward pre-wedding footage.

The first hour of the show took viewers into the lives of Catherine and Sean in the months and days before their wedding, including visits to floral shops, wedding planners and a very uncomfortable trip for Sean to La Perla, a lingerie shop.

The hour was littered with references to Sean and Catherine’s decision not to have pre-marital sex, with constant discussion between both the couple themselves as well as with Chris Harrison and the wedding planner. I think the viewers could’ve lived without those awkward discussions. After that ceased, however, we were lucky enough to witness an extraordinarily stunning wedding with many elements of what Catherine refers to as “grown sexy.”

Catherine looked elegant and glamorous, taking Sean’s breath away in a Monique Lhuillier gown. With his father, a pastor, officiating the wedding, Sean shed several tears of joy as he watched his lovely bride walk down the aisle. They appeared to be the epitome of happiness as they said their vows to a crowd full of family, friends and bachelor alumni.

The happy couple is now set to take off for their honeymoon, leaving the rest of us to hope and pray that Juan Pablo will be as lucky as Sean.


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