Katy Perry managed to turn heads in her unique music-inspired gown last Sunday night.

Katy Perry managed to turn heads in her unique music-inspired gown last Sunday night.

By Timaya Forehand
Staff Reporter

The red carpet at the Grammys is the most eclectic of all of the award season’s red carpets. The SAG Awards, the Golden Globes and the Oscars are events meant for celebrities to radiate pure elegance and glamour, and they tend to be more serious. The Grammys brings the fun back to fashion; the looks are edgy, exciting, playful and entertaining.

I had high expectations, and as a result, the night was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I was most disappointed by Ariana Grande and Beyonce Knowles, but the top three best dressed—-Katy Perry,  Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift—-caused enough happiness to overshadow my disappointment. For me, the most excitement wasn’t even conjured by the women. Instead, it was the men of Hollywood who got me all giddy.

The biggest trend of the night, sticking true to what I’ve noticed from the rest of the award season so far, is men in blue. Cutie Hunter Hayes sported a navy blue blazer with a crisp white shirt, looking very put together.

Possibly inspired by some thrift shop finds, Macklemore was dressed in teal velour from head to toe, paired with comfy loafers. Robin Thicke experimented with texture as well wearing a velvet navy blue Armani suit.

John Legend kept it classy in custom Gucci in navy and Kendrick Lamar kept it gangster in his plain black tee underneath his bright blue suit. The men of 30 Seconds to Mars are worth an honorable mention, despite not following the trend, embodying the true spirit of my love of the Grammys fashion so much.

And for me, the best-dressed male of the evening was Miguel. From the hair to the shiny black patent leather pants to the way he left the first couple of buttons open on his shirt, this man arrived to the music industry’s coolest night declaring with his outfit that he was the coolest man in the building, whether you knew it or not. What wasn’t cool, however, was Pharrell Williams’ hat.

In all honesty, the hat resembled the hat in the Arby’s logo. I’m certain there will be many jokes regarding his choice of accessory for weeks to come, but the man is inevitably one of the coolest men in music and fashion and I’m sure this will blow over.

Whenever Katy Perry is at an event, I wait impatiently for her to arrive, and she never disappoints. While wearing a fresh-off-the-runway Valentino gown, Katy translated her personality through her dress, something she never fails to accomplish. The musical notes that wrap around the sheer gown were appropriate for music’s biggest night of the year. I can always count on Katy to have fun with her looks while still managing to look amazing.

Taylor Swift spent the evening getting down in the audience to Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” and Kendrick Lamar’s “m.A.A.d city” as she was wore a sparkly Gucci floor-length gown.

The sparkles on the dress and the sheer, embellished neckline helped her look like a modern-day princess and shine on the red carpet and in the crowd.

Paris Hilton surprised me by showing up on the red carpet with Cash Money affiliates Birdman and Mack Maine. It surprised me even more to hear her say that she was signed to the same label as Lil’ Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

The only pleasant surprise that Paris hit me with on the red carpet last Sunday was the white and sheer Haus of Milani gown that she was draped in.

With a fierce up-do, smokey eye and nude lip, Paris let the gown do all of the talking and it made quite a fashion statement.

Dressed in similar fashion, Beyonce sported a white lace and sheer Micahel Costello gown. Beyonce arrived at the last Grammys in a black and white jumpsuit so this year I was really looking forward to her wowing us.

While the dress was absolutely amazing, the wow factor may have been overshadowed by her nip slip during her performance and her short, wavy cut that I have seen compared to ramen noodles in several memes on Instagram. A different choice of make-up might have helped her case as well.

Ariana Grande arrived in classic Ariana Grande fashion, for which she told E! that she doesn’t care much for anyway. When asked what and who she was wearing, she was only prepared to answer who designed her dress. The rest she described as being picked out by her stylist. Apparently, she doesn’t get too into the names and labels of the fashion industry.  Accompanying her lack of fashion knowledge was her lack of spontaneity in her cutesy Dolce & Gabana dress paired with her never-changing hairdo.

A smoking hot Bonnie McKee in a dazzling blue Randa Salamoun gown and fiery red hair, a gorgeous Guilana Rancic in a vibrant orange Alex Perry dress, a very pregnant Ciara in a very fitting, custom Pucci embellished gold gown and a badass Madonna in a black Ralph Lauren tuxedo complete with stylish cane are all worth honorable mention.

Next up is the red carpet at the Oscars, and while I’ll have my eye on the gorgeous gals in Hollywood, I’ll be more focused on what their handsome dates will be wearing.


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