10. You mumble “the cold never bothered me anyway” everyday on your way to class as the wind smacks against your face.

9. You have woken your roommates up each snow day asking if they would like to build a snowman.

8. Each of these snowmen has been named “Olaf.”

7. You feel in love with a cute human and you’re so alike that you finish each other’s…sandwiches.

6. You wear gloves because if you didn’t you would turn everything to ice.

5. Everything that has slowly disintegrated in the snow—your boots, your backpack, your laptop—you affectionately call “fixer-uppers” instead of replacing them. More power to you.

4. You have been inspired to question those instantaneous first loves you meet each weekend at Arendelle…I mean Erin’s.

3. “For the first time in forever” you got some work done on a snow day.

2. Or, if you didn’t, you spent the day exclusively with your friends worth melting for.

1. This semester, you’ve learned to just “let it go.”


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