New York City’s Fashion Week will highlight top designers and and models.

New York City’s Fashion Week will highlight top designers and and models.

By Timaya Forehand
Staff Reporter

I hear the heels clicking as they strut down the runway.  I hear all of the bloggers tweeting direct links to their latest posts. I hear the designers releasing a sigh of relief as the runway clears and the last look is shown. What’s that sound? It’s New York Fashion Week ladies and gentlemen, and its arrival begs several questions for those who don’t believe the hype.

You don’t need to be sitting front row to get the exclusive details from the city’s best shows. Streaming live from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website, you can catch each show at its scheduled time and even get a look at the audience making their way to their seats, making you feel a tad bit exclusive.

The seven-day whirlwind that is Fashion Week provides fashion lovers with everything they will need to satisfy their hunger for something new. It serves as a time for the well-established designers to reinvent their brand or remind the industry how fabulous they are.

But Fashion Week also serves as a time for promising designers in the industry to lose their Fashion Week virginities. CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund  winners Public School debuted their first runway show ever and created a buzz around their name, demanding the public to ask, “Who are the new cool kids on the block?”

How will each designer approach their runway show? Will they put together something futuristic and interestingly different like Alexander Wang did with his back-to-the-future Brooklyn set complete with rotating stage? Or will they take the traditional route with a fun flair like the designers of Desigual did with their flirty models bopping down the runway to upbeat pop tunes?

Designers collaborate and make statements during Fashion Week. For example, The Red Dress Collection featured the industry’s best designers and Hollywood’s most prominent women as models. The collection of red dresses, each dress varying in style and taking on a personality of its own, was put together to bring attention to heart disease.

Fashion Week is primetime for fashion writers and bloggers because they get to let the world know about the latest trends. They examine the runway and analyze the common thread between each designer’s works.

What will be the most relevant trends for the fall 2014 season? Will it be the chunky sweaters in rich colors that the models of Prabal Gurung or will it be the idea to bring street style trends like the shirt around the waist to high fashion looks like that of Richard Chai?

Most of the biggest action happens outside the tents, where fashionistas are waiting to enter shows and photographers are there ready to snap their photo. High definition photographs of city slickers in outlandish outfits are my favorite part. I can always count on the Internet’s best street style bloggers to capture the best looks off of the runway. And when I say outlandish outfits, I say that with the deepest sincerity. What would be ridiculous for one to wear during a normal week is completely acceptable during fashion week. Fashion show attendees must be dressed their absolute best—–they don’t know when someone may want to snap a picture.

Rest assured, when Fashion Week comes to an end, the industry will have much to talk about for several weeks. Next week, we’ll have complete coverage of the event from the first look to the final bow.


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