10. You can’t stop thinking about the way she smiles once she’s gotten her omelet in the morning.

9. You constantly repeat your names together to see if they sound good.

8. When your phone lights up and it’s a message from that one person, your face immediately turns 50 different shades of red.

7. Your heart starts beating really fast when you see his face across the room in the Pit, stopping you from eating your pizza in a sloppy manner.

6. You ran into her after hitting the gym, and she still hugged you even though you were a bit sweaty and even smelly.

5. It doesn’t even matter to you that he constantly drops food on himself during your dates. You think it’s cute.

4. You stalked his Facebook back into the middle school years.

3. You laugh at all of his ridiculous jokes, even the really, really bad ones.

2. You stayed in the 24-hour lounge with her till 2 a.m. helping her study, even though you had an 8:30 the next morning.

1. You used your points to buy him a chocolate-covered pretzel. You don’t do that for just anybody.


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