Philip Seymour Hoffman will be honored at the 86th Academy Awards for his work in countless films, such as his Oscar-winning role in “Capote.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be honored at the 86th Academy Awards for his work in countless films, such as his Oscar-winning role in “Capote.”

By Stephen Kane
Staff Reporter

Over the weekend and the past week, many lost power. While this was already disheartening, we also lost a very bright shining light in the world.

On Feb. 2, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away in his New York City apartment at the age of 46. For a good number of people, this will be the introduction to the acclaimed creator and talented man.

Hoffman’s filmography includes some of the greatest work contributed to film and culture within the past two decades. As a passionate and dedicated individual, Hoffman admired and found solace in the arts. His vigor and creative ability aided the cinema and theatre.

On-screen, Hoffman was always comfortable being smart, genuine and satirical. Hoffman was able to bring forth a character uniquely his own. His heart was in each project with a grace unsurpassed by many actors of our time.

A true artist, Hoffman dedicated himself wholeheartedly to each project he was a part of. Easily admired for his honesty and presence, Hoffman promoted the arts. His sense of character is unremarkable as we see throughout his career, starring in many highly influential films of our generation.

Starring as Lester Bangs in the 2000 film “Almost Famous.” we see a Hoffman like a father-figure aiding the development of a great culture of art, music and creative authenticity.

Born in a New York suburb in 1967, Hoffman picked up acting while in high school. It wasn’t long before he attended New York University and graduated with a BFA in Drama. Hoffman will be remembered for his remarkable talent in truly building a sense of absolute individuality both on screen and behind the camera.

Hoffman’s own films have been some of the most unique and influential features of our generation. Such movies as “Punch-Drunk Love,” “Synecdoche, New York” and “Capote” feature Hoffman’s character as true and beautiful with surpassing truthfulness.

One of his most recent films, “The Master,” was an incredible feature in 21st century cinema. Playing the role of Lancaster Dodd, Hoffman’s character takes care of Joaquin Phoenix’s character Freddie Quell in a series of religious tests. Hoffman had a brilliant talent uniquely his own.

Hoffman was also a renowned stage actor on stage, performing in plays such as Shakespeare’s Othello.

We will remember Hoffman for his outstanding contributions to the arts, cinema and culture for years to come. His work has been immortalized in our movies and much more. His humble geniality and honesty will be forever committed in the light of amazing theatre work.

An absolutely dedicated man of stunning originality and powerfulness on screen, Hoffman has generated an immense presence on screen to be long sought after by inspired actors and performers everywhere.

Funeral arrangements were held at a private ceremony in New York City on Feb. 7.


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