The beloved William  Zimmermann will never be forgotten on Villanova’s campus.  His brilliant smile and favorite Campus Corner fries have left a memory in the hearts and minds of all who had the great pleasure of knowing him.

When the news of his tragic death struck the Villanova community this past spring, the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa united together to keep the memory of this unbelievable economics student, brother and soccer fanatic alive for generations to come.

The fraternity’s creation of the Billy Zimmermann Scholarship Fund will allow Zimmermann’s life and loving legacy to be celebrated forever.

As a fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa has raised an impressive $35,000 in Zimmermann’s memory in the months since his death in March of 2013.  Director of fundraising, senior brother Tommy Attridge, hopes the fraternity its goal of $60,000 by the end of the semester.

“Through the help of the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa and their families, friends and others in the Villanova community, we’ve been able to raise over $35,000 towards the Phi Sigma Kappa Billy Zimmermann Scholarship,” Attridge said.

“We continue to have fundraisers on campus to raise money, and still need help to continue to raise money.  This month, there are two events that will have proceeds going towards the Scholarship: Red Bull’s screening of the McConkey Film, and Zilly Jam—a benefit concert with on-campus acts.”

The scholarship fund, which is awarded to a rising senior in the spring, will both ease the financial burden of tuition for a fraternity brother, and also commemorate Zimmermann’s life.

Phi Sigma Kappa has hosted various fundraising events on and off campus this past year, combining Zimmermann’s love of sports and student camaraderie.  Beginning in April, the fraternity hosted the first annual Billy Zimmermann Memorial 3v3 Soccer Tournament.

With over 40 teams, the tournament raised over $3,000, drawing sponsorship from numerous local businesses.  Continuing this tradition, the second annual tournament will continue this upcoming spring.

Although postponed due to inclement weather, last week the fraternity was scheduled to present an exclusive screening of Red Bull Media House’s film “McConkey,” a documentary honoring the life of the phenomenal British professional skier and BASE jumper, Shane McConkey.

The occassion will celebrate Zimmermann’s love of skiing and also commemorate the life of McConkey, who passed away in 2009 in a skiing stunt accident.

The event, the first showing of the film in the area, has been supported by Red Bull.  The company has donated ski passes to the Poconos and free giveaways for the raffle in Zimmermann’s name.

All proceeds from the raffle and ticket sales will go to the Billy Zimmermann Scholarship Fund.

Additionally, the fraternity will host the first annual Zilly Jam, a benefit concert honoring Billy.

“Billy Zimmermann was often the most awkward one on the dance floor,” Kevin Giannattasio, event coordinator and senior brother, said. “Regardless, he always managed to light up the room when any kind of music came on.   Let’s celebrate that again.”

Zilly Jam, named after Zimmermann, is a benefit concert featuring six Villanova student musical acts including two of Villanova’s premier a cappella groups, The Supernovas and The Spires.

Giannattaiso said the event will take place on Sunday Feb. 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Villanova Room. It will be open to the public and catered.

The fraternity will be raffling off prizes, including art from University Senior Kathleen Reilly, a basketball signed by the basketball team, and lift tickets to Blue Mountain Ski Resort.


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