Attending classes on weekends may provide us with memories to last a lifetime
It’s been an interesting semester, to say the least.
When the Farmer’s Almanac reported last summer that we would be in for
a rough winter, especially around early to mid February, there were
mixed reactions.
After all, the Farmer’s Almanac, while decent in its estimates, can
never fully predict when snowstorms will hit, or even whether the
winter will be mild or cold (in the winter of 2012-13, it was
completely wrong).
But it proved us all wrong this year.
The “sNovapocalpyse,” as it’s being termed by students, began in
mid-January during the second week of classes.  A decent-sized
snowstorm gave Villanova students their first true snow days in three
Just a few short weeks later, Elsa set off an eternal winter, everywhere.
If you haven’t seen “Frozen” yet, drop this article and find your
nearest movie theater.  Actually, finish this article. Then go see the
The ice storm that canceled four days of classes in one week managed
to not only cause power outages to over 600,000 PECO customers, but
also to wreak havoc on the school schedule.
And Villanova seems to think that Sunday classes are the best solution
to this problem.
Within hours, Twitter and Facebook blew up, with eruptions of “Good
try, Nova,” “Isn’t Sunday for church?” and “No way in hell I’m going
to these classes.”
Even I reacted pretty harshly, saying that Villanova would get
approximately a zero percent attendance rate from second- semester
seniors, and although I value my education, good luck finding teachers
willing to cooperate and schedule those make-up classes on Sunday.
I’m here to revoke my previous statement.
I know, I know, you don’t want to spend your Sundays hungover in class.
You don’t even want to spend Sundays in class.
I’m sure the population of those attending church would have skyrocketed.
Or I’d bet that it’s just the church excuses that would have skyrocketed.
I know, teachers aren’t allowed to make classes mandatory.
So really there’s no point in going.
Why are they making up all the snow days anyway? Why not just make up
a few of them?
Well, first off, Villanova can’t look like they’re treating the
classes or certain teachers unfairly, so they have to provide a
make-up schedule for every teacher.
Next, stop being lazy and appreciate what you’re doing here.
Before I go further, I want to explain that this is not for the people
who actually have something to do on Sundays. If you do service, have
a religious obligation, even already booked a trip home to spend with
family, this does not apply to you.
This is directed at the rest of us—myself completely included–who
wanted to use their Sundays to sleep in, beat the next level of Candy
Crush and catch up on “House of Cards” while procrastinating on their
homework for Monday.
But if you’re like me, and you attend classes on a regular basis, but
“refuse” to go in on a Sunday, then what’s gonna happen in the future
when your boss makes you stay late?
What happens when your flight gets canceled? When the baseball game
you bought tickets to three months ago gets rained out and you can’t
make the rescheduled date?
Here’s the answer. You stay late, you suck it up and you sell your
tickets and plan another trip.
Life isn’t about taking the easy way out. Life isn’t about skipping
out on something simply because you’re lazy.
Life is about stories.
Stories, experiences and moments that we can look back on, reminisce
and enjoy thinking about.
You won’t look back on your life and remember that Sunday in college
when you woke up with a hangover, fell back asleep, rolled out of bed
around 1:30 and ate Easy Mac in front of the TV all afternoon.
What you’ll remember is waking up hungover, sucking it up, going to
class and then bragging to your future kids about how you had to go to
class on Sundays.
If you skip these Sunday classes, you no longer have a story to tell.
If you don’t ask that girl on a date, you could miss out on a
wonderful relationship.
If you don’t join that volunteer organization, you could miss out on
making a lot of people happy, or at least helping them get through the
day a little bit better.
If you don’t join your friend on that day trip to the city, you could
miss out on a day to be remembered.
Maybe that last one could be expensive. It’s an example, but you get it.
But volunteering is free, sitting outside on a spring day is free and
going to classes is free–considering you’ve already paid for it.
By all means, enjoy your snow days.
Make some hot cocoa, grab a blanket since you’re not leaving the
house, and watch a movie— I highly suggest “Frozen.”
But when the sun comes back out, go to Sunday class.
Sit by the Oreo. Throw a Frisbee.
Be cliche, if you want to. But make a memory.
That’s all I ask.
Kevin Pulsifer is a senior math and psychology major from
Hillsborough, NJ. He can be reached at kpulsi01@villanova.edu


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