10. You don’t really need it. Second semester has pretty much been one continuous, snowy break.

9. However, taking a break somewhere warm with consistent electricity and power would be nice.

8. You have extreme cabin fever because of said snow and need a breather from sitting on your tush all semester.

7. All of your shovels have been stolen from your porch so you literally can’t handle another snowfall.

6. It might not be safe to stick your head out the window to see in front of you while driving, but what choice do you have when ice has blurred out your windshield for the rest of February?

5. The kids you babysit keep getting snow days so their parents keep canceling on you which rocked the first time, but now your spring break plans have changed due to lack of funding. So maybe you’ll be nannying for the first week of March to fund a crazy Easter break?

4. Darkness setting in at 4:30 p.m. everyday is not cool with you anymore. You’re ready to jet-set into sunlight somewhere.

3. While you have never been the most graceful of humans, falling on grass and falling on ice are two different stories. Your snow boots are losing their traction, and you’re losing your patience.

2. The highlight of your days have been U.S. hockey and figure skating in the Olympics, but you can’t relive the glory because of NBC’s monopoly on all the victory footage.

1.  You have no idea what’s going on for midterms so you might as well just take another week off and save up your knowledge for finals.


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