Editorial Board 
Sam Ellison    Co-Editor in Chief    editor.villanovan@villanova.edu
Mary Grace Mangano    Co-Editor in Chief, Fall 2013    editor.villanovan@villanova.edu
Oriana Sengos    Managing Editor    managing.villanovan@villanova.edu
Celina DeLuca    Associate Editor, Spring 2013    associate.villanovan@villanova.edu
Erin Stanton    Associate Editor, Fall 2013    associate.villanovan@villanova.edu
Section Editors      
Vinny Lione-Napoli    Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor    entertain.villanovan@villanova.edu
Megan Malamood    Arts & Entertainment Co-Editor   entertain.villanovan@villanova.edu
Chelsea Crane    Features Co-Editor    features.villanovan@villanova.edu
Noelle Mapes    Features Co-Editor    features.villanovan@villanova.edu
John Healey    News Co-Editor    news.villanovan@villanova.edu
Sam Marinelli    News Co-Editor    news.villanovan@villanova.edu
Arman Asemani    Opinion Editor    opinion.villanovan@villanova.edu
Mark    Mullany    Sports Co-Editor    sports.villanovan@villanova.edu
Kevin Pulsifer    Sports Co-Editor    sports.villanovan@villanova.edu
Elizabeth Hilliard   Web & Social Media Editor

Business Staff

For all of your advertisement-related questions, please consult this media guide.
Media Guide 2013
Debbie    Lee    Business Manager    business.villanovan@villanova.edu
Elizabeth Hilliard    Subscriptions Manager    subscriptions.villanovan.edu
Production Staff  
Nicolette Blackwell    Co-Copy Desk Chief    copy.villanovan@villanova.edu
Christa Chirico    Co-Copy Desk Chief    copy.villanovan@villanova.edu
Kelly Ryan    Photography Co-Editor    photos.villanovan@villanova.edu
Elizabeth Ea    Photography Co-Editor, Fall 2013    photos.villanovan@villanova.edu
Contact Numbers 
Main Number    (610)519-7206
Business & Editorial Board    (610)519-7207
Corrections    (610)519-5662
Photography    (610)519-8751
News Desk    (610)519-5662
Sports Desk    (610)519-5663
Features Desk    (610)519-5665
Arts & Entertainment Desk    (610)519-5664
Fax (all departments)    (610)519-5666


One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Co-editors: while on the campus Reunion Weekend for the President’s Dinner, I picked up a copy of the leading campus weekly just out of nostalgia. I was editor 1951-52, and had some good and some not-so-good relations with the administration. If you have the archives, you can look it up, plastered on the front page of the April 29 edition

    Your “alumni corner” was a surprise – a welcome one that we would have never thought about.. I’d be happy to volunteer to write one in your series.

    Following graduation in the first post-war class with a majority of non-vets, I went for a Korean adventure, compliments of the USArmy. Returning, I had about six careers in profit and non-profit worlds, including the presidency of an innovative junior college here in NJ. I finally started a consulting firm, appropriately, to train corporate executives how to enter new career parths. By that time I returned to NYU as a grad-school retread for a Ph.D. in 1973, after starting as, of all things, an English major at Villanova .

    I’d be happy to share some reflections of this journey with the current Villanova students.

    James J. Gallagher, Ph.D.

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